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Simulation Movie for the People's Assembly Elections
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - EGYPT
Deadline :31-Jan-13
Posted on :16-Jan-13
Reference Number :10538
Documents :
RFP Simulation Training Video for the People's Assembly
Overview :

Strengthening of the Democratic Process in Egypt” project


Elections give people a voice in the democratic process. In Egypt, the electoral process is an essential step in the transition period to consolidate the path to democracy. Within this context, the credibility of the forthcoming national referendum and People’s Assembly elections is of the utmost importance to ensure that the results will accurately reflect the will of the Egyptian people. The purpose of this project is to support national efforts to enhance the credibility and sustainability of electoral institutions and processes, with a particular emphasis on capacity development and women’s empowerment. The project is expected to upgrade the technical and operational capacities of the national authorities. Furthermore it aims to promote active citizenship and strengthen a culture of human rights that aims to establish democratic institutions and practices.

The simulation training video will serve to inform electoral authorities (judges, MoI officials) on polling and counting procedures with the aim of standardizing procedures.



(i)                Simulation training video should visualize the procedural steps for judges to follow during the pre-polling, polling and counting processes of the People’s Assembly election.  To know more about the expected quality of the service, please watch the video used during  the previous elections