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Design and Implement Communication Strategy for Uruzgan (Re-advertisement)
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - AFGHANISTAN
Deadline :05-Feb-13
Posted on :29-Jan-13
Reference Number :10615
Documents :
Design and Implement Comms Strategy
Overview :
In the Uruzgan Province, ASGP/UNDP established its office in mid of 2010 to roll out ASGP activities at the provincial level. One of ASGP’s deliverables is support to PGO to improve their communications and outreach skills and develop the communication systems in the province. In this context, UNDP ASGP conducted Uruzgan Communication Gap Assessment to identify the communication capacity gaps and communication needs, and specifically recommended that ASGP establish a strategic communications plan and policy for the Uruzgan province, and support the conduct of training and related capacity development needs to provincial stakeholders.
UNDP ASGP is seeking to identify a professional firm that can provide the services mentioned under the scope of services to initiate the communication development strategy of Uruzgan Province and conduct the training in line with that strategy.
Scope of Services, Expected Outputs and Target Completion
The Services required under this proposal are as follows:
         i.            Desk review of Uruzgan Communication Gap Assessment and other documents like SNG Policy and NPP related to the communication and media strategy for sub national entities.
       ii.            Provide a detailed implementation plan that comprehensively identifies and addresses the Uruzgan-specific challenges to effective communication between government and subnational entities, line departments, civil society, and communities.
      iii.            Provide a methodology/ tool and develop communication strategy for Uruzgan Province.
     iv.            Train provincial stakeholders in the application of the implementation of communication strategy of the province
       v.            Design Information, education and communications program to gain access of knowledge and information to civil society and citizen.
     vi.            Establish partnership between broad-based civil society organizations, eg, youth associations, women shura, Media organizations, Ulema and tribal elders and sub national governments to implement communication strategy.
    vii.            Develop and make functional of provincial communication committee to ensure effective information outreach throughout the province and bridge the existing gap between government and the people.
 viii.            Follow up and monitor of the provincial communication system of the province.