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RFP for Final Evaluation of Supporting Gender Equality in the Context of HIV and AIDS
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :12-Apr-13
Posted on :28-Mar-13
Development Area :HEALTHHEALTH
Reference Number :11024
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UN Women seeks a qualified firm/ institution or team of individual consultants to design and conduct a final, end-of-programme evaluation of the joint European Commission-UN Women initiative, “Supporting Gender Equality in the Context of HIV/AIDS”, a cross-regional programme implemented in five countries. The overall purpose of the Final Evaluation is to assess programmatic progress and challenges at the outcome level, with measurement of the output level achievements and gaps, including to what extent these achievements (or non-achievements) affected outcome-level progress.



Deadline: Friday, 12 April 2013, 11:59 PM (EST)



Please note that, in order to facilitate the submission of both Technical and Financial proposals, the submission duly stamped and signed can be done electronically in PDF format and send to Technical and Financial proposals should be sent as separate PDF files.