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8 trained drug detecting dogs (Milionis, male) inclusive of training of dogs and handlers in the I.R. of Iran
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Office :UNDP country office - IRAN
Deadline :10-Jul-13
Posted on :12-Jun-13
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :11632
Documents :
Procurement Notice
e-tendering FAQ for suppliers
E-Tendering Training document-supplier
procurement notice- extension of deadline to July 10, 2013
Overview :



SUBJECT - Procurement of eight (8) Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) drug detecting dogs for UNODC Iran.





  1. The supplier is to properly select 8 male Malinois dogs (aged between 12 to 18 months) and fully train them on basic obedience and narcotics detection. The method applied for narcotics detection must be active indication by scratching and biting. The first phase of the training is to be conducted in the suppliers' country of the origin for the duration of at least three months. The supplier warrants that at the end of the first phase training, dogs are able to detect cannabis, hashish, opium, heroin, morphine, and amphetamine odours, and would obey basic commands (namely, sit, lay, stay, come, follow, search, and leave it).


  2. The supplier is to transport the 8 trained dogs to Tehran Imam Khomeyni International Airport (IKIA). The supplier warrants that all 8 dogs arrive safely at IKIA airport, and warrants that if any injury or damage happens to dogs during the transport or travel to Tehran, the supplier will replace the injured dog/s at their own cost.


  3. The supplier warrants full medical check and vaccination (rabies, and anti parasite) of all 8 dogs before departing their country of the origin for Tehran. All dogs must have complete set of documents including identification, pedigree of breed and full medical file (including hip and shoulder x-rays) upon arrival to Iran. The supplier warrants handing over two sets of above mentioned documents to UNODC office upon arrival to Tehran.


  4. The supplier is to envoy senior training instructor(s) to perform the training of dogs and handlers in Iran for duration of at least 6 weeks. The supplier warrants that upon arrival to Iran and before starting the training of dogs and handlers, all 8 dogs are trained on detecting cannabis, hashish, opium, heroin, morphine, amphetamines and can actively indicate presence of those substances. The supplier warrants replacing, at their own cost, any dog that might demonstrate poor obedience or detection performance during the training in Iran.


  5. The senior training instructor(s) are expected to train dogs and handlers, so that at the end of the course each pair of dogs and handlers is capable to detect various hides of cannabis, hashish, opium, heroin, morphine, amphetamines (and any other substance if required) in different concealments such as vehicles, luggage, parcels, buildings, etc. Beside the practical training on narcotics search and dog’s obedience and handling, the curriculum of the course should include theoretical sessions on "canine behaviour and instincts", "anatomy and physiology of dogs", "first aid" and "search techniques".


  6. The supplier is requested to provide in their bid documents a full description of methodology used in all stages including selection, initial training in the country of origin, and training of dogs and handlers in Iran, for technical review.


  7. The supplier is requested to provide their financial offer in accordance to the breakdown table indicated in the annex VII.


  8. The supplier is expected to complete the delivery and training of 8 dogs, as indicated in paragraph "e", by 31 December 2013.




1) The mentioned breed (Malinois) and sex (male) are strict requirements which shall not be altered by the supplier.


2) Dog accessories including leashes, harness, check chain, transportation boxes, toy objects, etc. should be delivered in order to cover needs related to arrival, training and maintenance of dogs in Iran. Each dog should be delivered with its complete package.


3) During the training in Iran, dogs' nutrition as well as narcotics needed for the training will be provided by the Iranian (Customs) dog training centre.


4) The training of the dogs and handlers will be held at the premises of the Customs Administration dog training centre in Tehran.


5) All expenses related to related to the training of dogs and handlers in Iran such as accommodation, meals, translation etc. is to be borne by the supplier.


6) The dog handlers are mainly new beginners and their level of English is presumably poor, therefore translation into Farsi is required.


7) The responsibility for selection of Handlers rests with the Iranian Customs Administration.


8) The bidder should have at least 3 years of experience similar to the services described above. Alongside the financial offer the contractor is also required to provide the company’s profile clearly showing its name, address of the office, years of operation, information on the management including CV of the CEO/director, experience in training narcotics detection dogs, and CV of training instructors assigned for this task.