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Media and Elections Consultant
Procurement Process :Other
Office :UNDP Country Office - EGYPT
Deadline :29-Aug-13
Posted on :22-Aug-13
Reference Number :12414
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ToR Media and Elections Consultant
Overview : Elections give people a voice in the democratic process. In Egypt, the electoral process is an essential step in the transition period to consolidate the path to democracy. Within this context, the UNDP is cooperating with the Government of Egypt in the area of elections with a focus on a) strengthening public outreach and voter information for the upcoming electoral events. ;b) strengthening technical and operational capacity of national electoral authorities to conduct the 2012/2013 elections; c) incorporating lessons learned and best practices of the 2011 elections in the subsequent elections processes; and d) increasing access of women and rural dwellers to their citizenship rights in the 2012/2013 electoral events. The strengthening of the democratic process in Egypt (SDPE) worked together with the State Information Services (SIS) where eight trainers gathered to develop and conduct a training program on “Media and Elections” for 150 Egyptian media personal from different media outlets throughout the governorates of Egypt. Within this context and under the guidance and direct supervision of the “Strengthening of the democratic process in Egypt” project representative in accordance with UNDP rules and regulation, the media and elections consultant will be responsible for overseeing the development process of the a media handbook on “Media and Elections” covering some of the most important topics related to the elections such as; Electoral cycle, Electoral systems, Gender and elections, media and elections, Observation and Elections management bodies. As well covering the needs raised by the media personal in a follow up lessons learned exercise that was conducted with 30 out of the 150 trained media personal. The main objective of the “Media Handbook” is to provide Egyptian media with a pocket size reference on elections that they can use during all electoral phases. We aim at reaching out to a large number of media personal through different online and offline channels and outlets. As for the concept note, it aims at providing the HEC with a proper technical advice on the best practices of establishing a National Media Commission as part of the main entities during a democratic transition process.