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International Short Term Expert for the Study Tour to Spain
Procurement Process :Other
Office :UNDP Turkey Country Office - TURKEY
Deadline :01-Nov-13
Posted on :21-Oct-13
Reference Number :13131
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Overview :

UNDP Turkey will support the Ministry of Interior of Turkey for "Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security" through an EU funded technical assistance project. The overall objective of the project is to structurally embed expanded enjoyment of civil rights by Turkish citizens and democratic control of internal security in the regulatory system and public administration practice of Turkey.



The specific objective of the Project is to contribute to the progress towards the overall objective spelled out above, the project aims at establishment of institutional and regulatory framework conditions for an effective oversight by the MoI of Internal Security Forces at the central and local level. The Project aims at making transition from narrowly conceived, bureaucratically and legalistically managed oversight of policing to a system of security sector governance based on human centered understanding of security and public safety and transparency in partnership with the civil society.



The project is composed of 3 components:



Component A - Legislative Framework: This component aims at enabling the Ministry of Interior and the public administrators (governors and sub governors) to exercise civilian oversight over law enforcement bodies.



Component B - Capacity Building: This component aims at increasing the capacity at the MoI to realize its mission as regards the administrative management of security forces at the central and local level and establishment of institutional structures needed in order to meet the EU standards for HR protection and for a strengthened civilian oversight.



Component C - Civil Society and Media: This component aims at contributing to strengthen independent oversight on law enforcement bodies and increase citizens participation in oversight.

The Short Term Expert will support the realization of the activity ‘B.2.8 Conduct five study tours, one for each major focus of the project’.


The present assignment covers the organization of the 3rd study tour of the project, which is Spain, Madrid. The study tour will take place at the end of November 2013. The main objective of the study tour to Spain is to study the oversight of Internal Security Forces by the Ministry of Interior and the Parliament. The study tour will be leaded by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to a group of participants, which include governors, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Interior, high-ranking police and gendarmerie officials and possibly members of Grand National Assembly of Turkey.


Work Program


The study tour to Spain will involve several meetings. The intended program is as follows:


1)      Visit to Intelligence Center for Organized Crime (CICO): The central organization, as well as examples of mechanisms for the steering and coordination of police and gendarmerie


2)      Visit to Directorates of Police and Guardia Civil: The central organization, as well as examples of mechanisms for the steering and coordination of police and gendarmerie,


3)      Visit to Secretary of State for Security: The central organization, as well as examples of mechanisms for the steering and coordination of police and gendarmerie


4)      Inspection system for police and gendarmerie,


5)      Visit to the Parliament: The role of the Parliament for oversight of the internal security forces (in particular, committee in charge of Internal Security).


6)      Visit to The Defender of Rights,


7)      Visit to Provincial Security Board: The coordination mechanism of internal security forces at provincial level.


8)      Other suggestions by the Spanish authorities.


For detialed information please refer to Procurement Notice and Terms of Reference

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