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RFP: Consultants for Evaluation Policy Review
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Evaluation Office - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Deadline :23-Dec-13
Posted on :02-Dec-13
Reference Number :13670
Documents :
RFP Guidelines: Evaluation Policy Review
TOR: Evaluation Policy Review
FAQ - Evaluation Policy Review as of 9 Dec
Overview :

The first UNDP evaluation policy was approved by the UNDP Executive Board during its annual session in 2006. The policy aims to establish a common institutional basis for the UNDP evaluation function and seeks to increase transparency, coherence and efficiency in generating and using evaluative knowledge for organizational learning and managing for results, and to support accountability. At the request of the Executive Board, the Evaluation Office of UNDP commissioned an independent review of the first evaluation policy, which was presented to the Executive Board in 2010 and led to a consequent updating of the evaluation policy approved by the Executive Board in its first session in 2011. The Executive Board further requested the Evaluation Office to commission another review of the evaluation policy to be reported to the Executive Board in 2014.

The Evaluation Office, therefore is currently requesting proposals from parties interested in conducting this review. The review will assess the performance of the evaluation function since the approval of the evaluation policy in January/February 2011 and the extent to which the organisation has responded to the requirements of the policy. The review will also help to align the evaluation function with the new 2014-2017 Strategic Plan of UNDP (UNCDF and UNV will both produce strategic frameworks, under the UNDP Strategic Plan, to elaborate their results during 2014-17).

For further details as well as guidelines on submission, please refer to the attached documents:

RFP Evaluation Policy Review : Terms of Reference

RFP Submission Guidelines: Evaluation Policy Review