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RFQ-TKM-011-2014 Drippers 33000 pcs supply for the existing drip irrigation system
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Country Office - TURKMENISTAN
Deadline :03-Apr-14
Posted on :12-Mar-14
Reference Number :14822
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Overview :

Overview :

The project seeks to strengthen agricultural water management practices at both local and national levels in response to climate change-induced water scarcity. The project is supporting the design and delivery of concrete water adaptation measures for local vulnerable communities in three typical agro-ecological regions in Turkmenistan. These regions are:
Desert irrigated agriculture (cotton, wheat production) in Sakar Chaga region;
Desert pasture livestock (sheep, camel farming) in Karakum region;
Mountain rain fed agriculture (fruit, vegetables) in Nohur region.

An initial scoping phase has identified a package of farm-level adaptation measures to be implemented. These measures are designed improve resilience against potential reduction in water availability. Some of these measures are irrigation-oriented.  For example, in Nohur Project Region, historically, approaches to irrigation have resulted in inefficient water use and low yields.  Project funds will be provided for the necessary infrastructure improvement by providing necessary materials for reparing drip irrigation systems on 10 hectares of gardens and 10 hectares of vegetables; In this regard, according to the Project Plan Drippers 33000 pcs supply for the existing drip irrigation systems is in need.

Detailed technical specification, general plan for construction, drawings and other technical documentation attached to the RFQ-TKM-011-2014.

All interested bidders are kindly invited to participate in tender process and submit offers on or before close of business (18:00) on April 3, 2014 and via:e-mail, fasmile, in a sealed envelope marked "RFQ-TKM-011-2014" to the following address:

United Nations Development Programme, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, UN Building 40, 1995 (Galkynysh) street,


Fax no: (+99312) 425317/425388.