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RFQ-TKM-015-2014 - Procurement of portable soil laboratory for project beneficiaries of Sakarchaga area.
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Country Office - TURKMENISTAN
Deadline :25-Apr-14
Posted on :12-Mar-14
Reference Number :14826
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Overview : Overview : The "Reduction of Risks Related to the Climate Change in Turkmenistan" Project is implemented under the aegis of UNDP and is a part of the Central Asian Multicountry Climate Risks Management Programme. The main goal of the project is to improve resilience of the rural agricultural communities through more effective climate risks reduction and risk information support. The territory of Turkmenistan is exposed both to the short-term and long-term climate change related risks. They include: sand storms, mud streams, landslides, floods, droughts, desertification and sea level rise. The majority of these risks result from natural climate changes; however, climate change models show that such events might become more frequent and severe due to anthropogenic impact on the climate change. These risks make negative impacts on many sectors of the economy, particularly, agriculture, and may affect local communities and natural resources and biodiversity in the at-risk areas. This project is aimed to strengthen institutional, legal and technical capacities of the key institutions, with a special focus on Turkmenhydromet. The project will be implemented through Turkmenhydromet and intended to achieve better understanding of the climate risks and awareness raising among the key stakeholders (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Nature Protection, Ministry of Water Management, and Emergency Response Agency under the Ministry of Defense). The project will place special emphasis on capacity building for climate risks reduction at the local level in three different country-specific ecological zones (environments) exposed to the climate risks: highlands (mountains) - Nohur; desert Garagum - Bokurdak; and intensive irrigational farming areas - Sakarchaga. Also, possible funding modalities will be discussed in terms of climate risk awareness raising. The project intends to strengthen capacity for the long-term climate forecasting and to enhance collaboration between Turkmenhydromet and the Ministry of Nature Protection through the focal point of the UN Framework Convention on the Climate Change. Support will be provided to the public awareness raising about climate risks through media. The country will establish a national network of climate risk experts; develop national climate change information and communication materials; and adopt best practices both at the national and provincial levels. As a part of project tasks, a profile of climate risk information needs of key Turkmenhydromet partners (Ministry of Nature Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Management and Emergency Response Agency under the Ministry of Defence) will be developed. There are several key factors which determine the priority, scale and sequence of activities to modernise Turkmenhydromet service, and improve its capacity. These will include an assessment of the current status and trends in the needs for hydro-meteorological information on the part of governmental institutions, users in major producing and nonproducing sectors of the economy, and the population. Within the Project activities UNDP CO Office initiates bidding process and invites all interested bidders to participate in tender process and submit offers on or before close of business (18:00) on April 25, 2014 and via: E-mail, facsimile, in a sealed envelope marked RFQ-TKM-015-2014 to the following address: United Nations Development Programme, Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, UN Building 40, 1995 (Galkynysh) street, E-mail:; Fax no: (+99312) 425317/425388