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Call for Proposal - Building trusted partnerships between public and local police at governorate level in Iraq
Procurement Process :Other
Office :UNDP Country Office - IRAQ
Deadline :30-Mar-17
Posted on :14-Mar-17
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :36302
Link to Atlas Project :
00088597 - Support to Security Sector Reform: Phase II
Documents :
Annex A CSO Proposal Form
Annex B, CSO Application Form
Overview :


Terms of Reference

Building trusted partnerships between the public and local police at governorate level in Iraq


At the request of the Government of Iraq (GoI), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been helping counterparts in the Government’s Security Sector Reform efforts and address broader Rule of Law (RoL) priorities in Iraq. UNDP-Iraq is currently supporting the Government of Iraq (GoI) to elaborate a Security Sector Reform Strategy (SSRS) and establish cooperation and coordination mechanisms required for its implementation. In this regard UNDP is also supporting improved partnerships between civil society and GoI at governorate level.

UNDP-Iraq therefore is issuing a Call for Proposal (CFP) from qualified civil society organizations (CSOs) to engage in projects that are aimed at building public-local police trusted partnerships at local level. The first round of CFPs will focus on engagement in the target governorates of Baghdad, Karbala and Sala - Al- Din and Anbar.

1.Expected outputs:

  1. Strengthened CSO institutional and technical capacity in awareness, raising of security issues and how they can contribute to maintaining a secure environment;
  2. Strengthened CSOs coordination and networking, and partnerships with the local Police at governorate level in the fight against corruption and human rights violation; and
  3. Strengthening links between civil society and the local police to ensure security policy can best serve the people at provincial level.


This call for proposals (CFP) invites proposals from Iraqi CSOs based in the target governorates to engage in building public-local police partnership with activities that will help to improve community safety at local level through collaboration

 Proposals should include the following key components:

  • Include 1-2 specific activities that will improve community security through public - local police joint engagement;
  • Ability to deliver the expected outputs, to meet both the short term and long term objectives; Have quick impact outputs;
  • The overall engagement should align with promoting and advocating for human rights and anti-corruption;
  • Total cost of the proposal should not exceed USD 10,000;
  • Implementation timeline: 4-6 months with project completion by 31 November 2017;
  • Each proposal should cover one of the following target areas: Baghdad, Karbala, Sala-Al-Din and Anbar

UNDP will select the best proposals based on the above-mentioned target areas.  The selected CSOs will be invited to participate in a one-day startup workshop in Baghdad in early April 2017.  The objective of the workshop will be; 1) to present, review and finalize the CSOs’ project action plans, and 2) to outline UNDP monitoring and reporting modalities including narrative and budget reporting templates.  


Selected CSOs from the target locations should implement their projects between April - November 2017 within a 6-month project cycle.  


The CSO/Proposal should meet the following criteria:

  • National Iraqi civil society organizations legally registered with the NGOs Directorates of COMSEC (Required Document: Certificate of Registration);
  • 5 years of proven relevant experience in one of the target locations: Baghdad, Karbala and Sala-Al-Din and Anbar (Required Documents: Company Profile)
  • demonstrate previous/current experience in conducting similar activities in the target province including promoting human rights and anti-corruption (Required Documents: Description of 2 similar projects undertaken and performance evaluations or a certificate of good/satisfactory performance from previous clients or donors);
  • financial capability to perform the services (Required Documents: Latest Audited Financial Statements, 2 years).

5.Response to this Call for Proposals

Interested CSOs’ should submit their Proposals clearly articulating the activities, including the budget in the enclosed format (Annex A) on or before Thursday, 30 March 2017. The Proposal should include the following:

  1. Fully completed Application Form in the assigned format (Annex B);
  2. Fully completed proposal form;
  3. Copy of the original NGO registration certificate;
  4. CSO profile, detailing area of specialization and experience;
  5. CVs’ of key project personnel - project manager, team leader who will be responsible for overall project implementation, reporting and monitoring; and engagement experts to implement the activities
  6. Two recommendation/ reference letters from a two nominated referees/Performance evaluation or a certificate of good/satisfactory performance from 2 previous clients/donors;
  7. Latest 2 years audited financial statement; and
  8. Proposals should be submitted English Language. Any document presented in another language should have a corresponding English translation

6.Selection process:

Proposal will be reviewed by a panel comprised of UNDP staff.  UNDP may, at its discretion, invite a member from a non-participating CSO as an observer.

Step 1: Incomplete Proposals will be rejected (please refer to the list of documents to be submitted in the section above)

Step 2: The selection panel will evaluate the Proposal against the pre-established evaluation criteria (section 7).

Step 3: The selection panel will select the top scoring CSOs for participation in the introductory workshop.  UNDP will select a maximum of 12 CSOs.  UNDP reserves the right to modify the number of selected CSOs depending on programme needs.

UNDP may select one or more CSOs’ per target area. Selected CSOs will be informed accordingly within 2-3 weeks after the submission deadline.

7.Technical Evaluation Criteria


Meets Criteria

Maximum Score Possible

Demonstrated experience regarding security/conflict/peacebuilding/anti-corruption/human rights related work in Iraq.

Y [ ] N [ ]


Quality of Proposal design

Y [ ] N [ ]


CSO staff experience

Y [ ] N [ ]


Demonstrated understanding of Project’s objectives

Y [ ] N [ ]


Technical Total:

100 points

Financial Evaluation

 The total cost of the Proposal shall not exceed $10,000 and UNDP will assess the proposed budget to ensure that it is aligned to the activities mentioned in the technical proposal.  Hence, a financial proposal will still be submitted to provide the breakdown of the cost components.

The evaluation of the proposed budget will not be scored.