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Strategy Drafting Consultant
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Deadline :26-Mar-17
Posted on :13-Mar-17
Reference Number :36314
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00047461 - Local Area Development Programme.
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The Local Area Development Programme (LADP) is an initiative being implemented by UNDP and funded by the EU.  The overall objective of the project is to strengthen good governance in Iraq by improving delivery of public services, through improved planning and implementation processes at governorate level, resulting in higher budget execution and service delivery, leading towards better sector wide planning, moreover, improved communication and coordination between central and governorate levels, and increased participation of communities in local development.   

Major issues that hinder local planning, implementation of local plans, and related service delivery in Iraq include: 

• Lack of a coherent strategic framework for local planning; 

• Lack of coordination and integration of planning processes; 

• Poor responsiveness of plans to local needs and lack of accountability to local communities;

•  Weak capacity for planning, budget execution, monitoring and evaluation; 

• Poor service delivery and lack of client orientation.   

One of the key results of LADP is geared towards “Improved capacity for planning and implementation at governorate level, resulting in higher budget execution and service delivery, leading towards better sector wide planning”.  Therefore, the aim of this consultancy is addressing the lack of coherent strategic framework at the provincial level and the weak capacity for planning by supporting the Iraqi Governorates to build their planning capacity and to provide technical assistance and support to develop multiannual provincial strategic documents.

Community based strategic planning methodology is adopted and introduced to all 9 governorates. The governorates are finalizing their baseline studies (for Basra, Missan, Mutahana and Qadessya) and vulnerability needs assessments (for the other 5 governorates most affected by the conflict)

At this stage, the Governorates will need further support and training to develop their provincial strategies based on the assessment they have already done.

In order to ensure sustainability of those efforts and based on request of the Ministry of Planning, the expert will elaborate guidelines for strategic planning to be adopted by the Ministry of planning as the main guiding document for the governorates to develop, review, evaluate and monitor the implementation of their provincial plans and strategies.

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