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SARD / Construction works for 8 social infrastructure projects - 4 LOTs
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Office :UNDP Country Office - MOLDOVA
Deadline :27-Apr-17
Posted on :08-Apr-17
Reference Number :36876
Link to Atlas Project :
00089235 - Support Local Development
Documents :
Invitation to Bid
Schedule of Requirements EN
Schedule of Requirements RO
Invitation to Bid Data Sheet RO (Fisa de Date)
Section 4-11
Annex 3a - Bill of Quantities Lot#1_ENG
Annex 3a - Bill of Quantities Lot#1_RO
Annex 3b - Bill of Quantities Lot#2_ENG
Annex 3b - Bill of Quantities Lot#2_RO
Annex 3c - Bill of Quantities Lot#3_ENG
Annex 3c - Bill of Quantities Lot#3_RO
Annex 3d - Bill of Quantities Lot#4_ENG
Annex 3d - Bill of Quantities Lot#4_RO
Overview :


UNDP Moldova invites interested companies which have demonstrated experience in undertaking civil works in Moldova to submit their bids for:

LOT #1: Avdarma village and Comrat city, UTA Gagauzia;

LOT #2: Copceac and Chirsova villages, UTA Gagauzia;

LOT #3: Budai and Chiriet Lunga villages, UTA Gagauzia;

LOT #4: Taraclia city and Balabanu village, Taraclia district

On 19 April 2017 at 10:00 UNDP Moldova will organize a pre-bidding conference on its premises located at Le Roi Business Centre, 29, Sfatul Tarii Street, room 305 - Conference Room, MD-2012 Chisinau, Moldova.

Offers can be submitted either in hard copy, or electronically. Offers received by fax will be rejected. Incomplete offers shall not be examined.

  1. a) Documents/offers in hard copy need to be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to:
    UNDP Moldova
    131, 31 August 1989 Street, MD-2012, Chisinau
    Attention: Registry Office/Procurement
  2. b) Offers sent electronically need to be addressed to the following e-mail address:

Mr. Leonid Mazilu, e-mail:

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