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Comprehensive MED Model Development Package
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :25-Oct-17
Posted on :12-Oct-17
Reference Number :41653
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00075193 - Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) IV
Documents :
UNDP-RFP-21-2017 Comprehensive MED Model Manual Development Package.
Overview :

Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP), started in July 1998 and is being implemented in 38 of Nepal’s 75 districts. The Government of Australia (DFAT) funds the Micro Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP) since 2006.  Besides some funding from UNDP, DFAT is currently its major donor for Phase IV.  MEDEP is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Industry (MoI)/Government of Nepal (GoN) and the UNDP, and both consider it as their flagship activity.  The key intent of MEDEP is to alleviate poverty by expanding employment opportunities for the poor, youth, women and individuals from socially excluded groups through instilling sustainable entrepreneurial skill and culture among this group; all MEDEP beneficiaries are selected from households living under the national poverty line.  • Motivated by the earlier phases of MEDEP, the Government of Nepal (GoN) in 2008-9 launched its own Micro Enterprise Development for Poverty Alleviation (MEDPA) program, through Ministry of Industry (MoI). This programme is currently being implemented in 69 districts and will be rolled out throughout the country by 2018.  MEDEP Project will be handed over to MEDPA/GoN/MoI by end July 2018; hence, it is envisaged that its valuable experiences of 19 years under the MED Model be documented in a high quality Comprehensive MED Model Modular Course Manual Package.  The package will elaborate and document "a-state-of-the art" training manual which encapsulates, inter alia:

A. The 3 steps Micro-Enterprise demand driven development moduler manuals will encapsulate the following:
A1. Target Group Selection and their Needs and Demands Identification;

A2. Enterprise Development Potential; and

A3. Market Demand at local, national and international level.

B. Furthermore, the 6 steps MED Model will encapsulate:
B1. Social Mobilization for Enterprise Development;

B2. Entrepreneurship Development;

B3. Technical Skills Development, 

B4. Access to Finance,

B5.Access to Appropriate Technology; and

B6. Products/Services, Marketing and Business Counseling.