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Request for Proposals: UNDP Poverty Environment Nexus Evaluation
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Evaluation Office
Deadline :25-Sep-09
Posted on :14-Sep-09
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :4346
Documents :
Country Case Studies TOR
Approach Paper
Overview :
The Evaluation Office of UNDP has started an Evaluation of the Contribution of UNDP to Environmental Management for Poverty Reduction: The Poverty and Environment Nexus. This will be a global evaluation that will assess UNDP’s contributions to development results in the area at country, regional and global levels, and provide findings and recommendations that are expected to assist in identifying strategies and operational approaches to further strengthen UNDP’s development effectiveness. A crucial part of the evaluation is to carry out country-based case studies in ten countries where UNDP works in relevant areas: Bhutan, Bolivia, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Vietnam.
These case studies will be undertaken by nationally and/or regionally based experts or institutions. Each team should be composed of two or three professionals with expertise in the key areas related to the poverty-environment nexus and have background in project and programme monitoring and evaluation. The scope of each country case study is specified in the attached terms-of-reference and the approach paper. It is foreseen that the overall effort required for each of the country case studies would be up to 60 person-days over a period of approximately 2 months starting around mid-October 2009.
The Evaluation Office is currently seeking proposals for undertaking the case studies of Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania and Morocco . We will accept proposals that cover either one or more of the countries. The proposals should contain a brief note outlining the proposed approach, CVs of the participating experts, and a budget estimate of the consultant fees in a separately sealed envelope. Additional expenses for field visits will be covered based on actual costs according to UNDP rules.
Please send these proposals to the UNDP Evaluation Office, c/o Ms. Thuy Hang Thi To, One UN Plaza, Room DC1-472, New York, NY 10017, USA, by Friday, 25 September 2009. For further queries, please contact Mr. Alan Fox (