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IC/UNDP/KW/030/18_Lead author
Procurement Process :Other
Deadline :25-Jul-18
Posted on :12-Jul-18
Reference Number :47960
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00091765 - Kuwait Annual National Energy Outlook (KNEO) project
Documents :
Confirmation of proposal and Financial Proposal
P11 form
IC General conditions
Overview :
Duty Station :Kuwait
Languages Required :English 
Starting Date :02-Sep-2018
Expected Duration of Assignment :4 month

Kuwait like many oil producing countries in the world with low diversity of energy mix faces sustainable development challenges related to its primary dependence on the oil sector for growth of its GDP and economic development. Low diversity means any volatility of oil prices directly affect all sustainable development activities – economic, social, and environmental. Kuwait may be vulnerable to changes in global oil demand leading to challenges related to Government revenue volatility when global oil prices change. When oil prices swing upwards, high oil prices boost Government revenues and strengthen economic growth but when they shift downwards, low oil prices could affect Kuwaiti’s energy security, its economic development and sustainability of current levels of social safety net that is mainly financed through energy subsidies. One way of dealing with the cyclic nature of revenue flows is to diversify the Kuwait energy sources while reducing energy consumption per capita. Doing so will free more oil for export from domestic use contributing to government revenue. The project is designed to address the challenge by developing a framework to strengthen the institutional capacity in the country to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix and the rate of energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption per capita in the Kuwait economy. It will achieve this by strengthening the capacity for evidence-based sustainable energy policy development by laying the foundation for an annual production of the Kuwait National Energy Outlook (KNEO) publication by Kuwait Institute of Science and Research (KISR).  The KNEO publication will produce energy data sets and forecasts that will be helpful in informing the implementation of the Kuwait National Development Plan and to effectively integrate sustainable energy in its strategy and framework.

It is expected that the contractor will work with the team of local professionals to submit a final report on the Kuwait Energy Outlook. The contractor will lead the team in writing the report with respect to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the World Energy Outlook (WEO) Format. Simultaneously, he/she will be responsible to submit the final report (English) designed according the IEA standard. 

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