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Procurement service for Voter Outreach Initiative 2018
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UN Women Bangladesh Office - BANGLADESH
Deadline :28-Aug-18
Posted on :09-Aug-18
Reference Number :48863
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Pre -Bid meeting notes
Overview :

Please Noted Pre-Bid Meeting 16th August (not on 28th August)11:00 am at UN Women Office!(Ignore the date mentioned at RFP)

Road-113,House 11(A), Gulshan-2




: Voter Outreach Initiative 2018

Project locations:

: 7 Divisions and 10 Districts

Type of Contract:

: Institutional Service Contract

Expected Date of accomplishment:

: December 15, 2018

  1. Background


Women’s political participation is critical to fulfilling the potential of democracy, women’s enhanced participation in governance structure is viewed as fundamental to redress Gender Inequalities in societies. Women make essential contributions to achieving and maintaining peaceful and secure communities, the full realization of human rights, the eradication of hunger and poverty, and the promotion of sustainable development. UN Women is maximizing Women’s Political Participation at both the Global and National levels, a major step for UN Women was the adoption of the resolution by the General Assembly (GA) on Women’s Political Participation (A/RES/66/130). UN Women’s electoral assistance mandate involves interventions throughout the electoral cycle both long-term and short-term basis, which is aligned with its Strategic Note and GA resolution where it urges all States, with the support of the UN System, to review the differential impact of their electoral systems on the Political Participation of Women and their representation in election and to adjust systems where appropriate.  


Women face multiple obstacles to participate in political life. Structural barriers through discriminatory laws, electoral arrangements, and violence and conflict, are among the factors which limit women’s options to participate in the mechanism. Bangladesh’s pervasive violent political culture hampers Women’s Political Participation in many ways. Women are afraid of becoming victims of political attacks and clashes. Women also fear their families, which limits their participation in political activities in grassroots as well as at the National level. Much of the electoral violence experienced by women is psychological in nature. In addition, sexual violence (as a form of electoral violence) has been experienced in the form of harassment and assault of women candidates, political activists and voters. Often, they are facing intimidation to limit voter choice which is common in Bangladesh, Also, in the public sphere, they are slandering by other candidates. Weak implementation of electoral laws, persistent patriarchal social norms and systemic sources of electoral violence, inequalities are excelled among women to act in election as voter or as a candidate. 

UN Women has been working to promote Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in the electoral process in cooperation with the Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) and UNDP. The Overall objective of the Voter Outreach Initiative is to create awareness and capacity of Women, Men, Youth and relevant stakeholders like BEC, CSOs to enhance Women’s effective participation in the National Election 2018.

UN Women seeks applications from appropriate agencies to support UN Women in order to accomplish following objectives;

  • To support UN Women to organize workshop with BEC officials in Dhaka.
  • To support UN Women to organize multi stakeholder dialogue on Violence against Women (VAW) in Elections in Dhaka.
  • To support UN Women to organize 7 BRIDGE trainings at the divisional level.
  • To support UN Women to organize awareness raising events at the sub-national level in 10 districts (minimum 1 district in one division) on Women’s political participation, particularly on Violence Against Women in election using ICT based outreach and communication materials provided by the project, to disseminate messages before and during National Election 2018.


Scope of Work:

  • Provide support to hold a national level workshop with BEC Officials in Dhaka. Organize venue, food, banner, communications costs, participants travel allowances and workshop related logistics such as note book, pen, folder, sound system, flipchart, marker etc.
  • Provide support to 7 Divisional level BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections) trainings for election related stakeholders. Organize venue, accommodation for participants, food, banner, participants travel allowances and workshop related logistics such as note book, pen, folder, sound system, flipchart, marker etc. 
  • Provide support to hold 1 National level Multi-Stakeholder dialogue on Violence Against Women in Election in Dhaka. Organize venue, food, banner, participants travel allowances and workshop related logistics such as note book, pen, folder, sound system, flipchart, marker etc.  
  • Organize awareness raising activities using offline, online media and ICT in 10 districts[1] (minimum one district in one division) on Women’s Participation in Election, particularly on Violence Against (VAW) Women in Election. Organize awareness raising materials such as banner, flyer, props, participants travel allowances, coordination costs, communications costs and logistics.

The agency is expected to provide support to UN Women to implement workshop/trainings/dialogue with the concern of Bangladesh Election Commission. To implement the interventions, the agency can charge management/coordination cost. The agency should have strong presence at the sub-national level with proven capacity on social awareness raising related campaigns or engagements. 

Expected Results:

  • Successfully organized planned workshops, BRIDGE trainings and multi-stakeholder dialogue.
  • Successfully organized awareness raising events

activities on Women’s Participation in election, particularly focusing on VAW in elections in 10 districts (minimum one district in one division).

Duration of the work:

The assignment will commence upon signing the contract and expected to be completed by the December 15, 2018.