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Nauru R2R PMU Technical Advisor ( Re-advertised)
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Pacific - FIJI
Deadline :12-Sep-18
Posted on :28-Aug-18
Reference Number :49332
Link to Atlas Project :
00084678 - Nauru Ridge to Reef Management
Documents :
Terms of Reference
Template for Confirmation of Interest and Submission of Financial Proposal
Overview :

Terms of Reference





Consultancy Title: Nauru R2R PMU  Technical Advisor


Project Name: Implementing a “Ridge to Reef” approach to protect biodiversity and ecosystem functions in Nauru (R2R Nauru)   


Duty Station: Nauru DCIE Projects – Nauru R2R PMU        


Duration of the Contract: 1 year (September 2018 to August 2019)

  • 250 working days


Consultancy Proposal should be mailed to C/- UNDP Fiji MCO, Private Mail Bag, Suva, Fiji or sent via email to no later than 12th September 2018 (Fiji Time) clearly stating the title of consultancy applied for. Any proposals received after this date/time will not be accepted. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to UNDP will respond in writing or by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all consultants. Incomplete, late and joint proposals will not be considered and only offers for which there is further interest will be contacted. Failure to submit your application as stated as per the application submission guide (Procurement Notice) on the above link will be considered incomplete and therefore application will not be considered.




For this consultancy a key set of deliverables has been outlined below in which the consultant should be able to meet during his/her time with the project or for the duration of the contract.



The project is developed in line with the goal of the Pacific Islands National Priorities Multi-Focal Area ‘Ridge-to-Reef’ (R2R) Program to “maintain and enhance Pacific Island countries’ ecosystem goods and services (provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural) through integrated approaches to land, water, forest, biodiversity and coastal resource management that contributes to poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience”. This assignment will focus in Nauru as part of their national R2R project. The Nauru R2R project started implementation in 2015 and UNDP together with the Government of Nauru took lead in the recruitment of the PMU officers consisting of the Project Coordinator, Finance and Administration officer, Land-use officer and Communication Officer.  Current work status for this position is listed in the expected deliverables for this position. Some constraints to this position is understanding the local cultural context and adapting to the nature of the work environment in Nauru. A great deal of patience is needed in that level since pace of work is very slow. Some of the key targeted audience relative to this assignment include the government representatives, communities, and private or non-government organisations.


The PMU Technical Advisor will work closely with the Project Coordinator to support the day-to-day technical activities of the R2R project. The PMU Technical Advisor will be liaising with other Government agencies (such as the Agriculture Division of DCIE, the Planning & Aid Division of the Ministry of Finance, other project staff of DCIE), the National Fisheries & Marine Authority (NFMRA), the National Community Based Organization (NCBO), regional technical organizations (such as the Secretariat of the Pacific Community), and consultants on specific components of the R2R project


Scope of work/Expected Output

Under the direct supervision of the UNDP, and closely liaising with and under the guidance / engagement of the Project Coordinator (and Director, Secretary of DCIE and his advisor) the PMU Technical Advisor will undertake the following tasks:


  1. Provide technical advice and support to enhance effective implementation and efficient delivery of Nauru R2R project activities:
  1. Provide critical technical advice towards the implementation of pending project activities and ensure that they are aligned to project document. In doing so, provide technical supervision and support to the work of PMU staff and consultants (i.e. monitor their work plan progress, and make adjustments if need be to enhance efficiency and alignment with project targets)
  2. Support the PMU/DCIE convene targeted and meaningful Technical Working Groups to discuss and comments on technical reports of consultants.
  3. Work with PMU team to map out quarterly activities and strategize implementation. The activities must link to quarterly advance budget request and acquittals
  4. Facilitate the development of TOR for pending consultants and provide guidance in conducting their expected activities as per TOR and review/provide feedback to deliverables and report
  5. Identify opportunities for partnership within national and regional partners in implementing a few of the project key activities and create partnership building where needed 
  6. Assume general responsibility for the day-to-day advisory role in planning, implementation, and monitoring of relevant technical project activities implemented by the Project Management Unit (PMU);
  7. Be ready to support and advise on the delivery of agreed technical outputs and plans in-line with the requirements of UNDP through the PMU.
  8. Support the PMU with the sharing of project-related information through global, regional, and national networks.
  9. Support, assist and provide technical advice in the implementation of the project annual work plan and budget with PMU team in close consultation and coordination with the Director of Environment, Project Board, and UNDP.
  10. Provide leadership and strategic thinking to ensure that Project activities focus on critical areas and liaise with all relevant stakeholders to ensure achievement of the objectives of the Project.  This will include planning, identification and implementation of important tasks for the successful project implementation.
  11. The consultant will work with PMU, government officials, NGOs, island communities and other key stakeholders to identify capacity building needs and how projects activities and outputs can be implemented better.
  12. Ensure overall relevance to assist or provide support in the delivery of training courses on both technical and project management, monitoring and evaluation issues to strengthen national capacity in this area;


  1. Exercise overall responsibility for effective Nauru R2R project reporting, monitoring, coordination and evaluation to achieve the following results:
  1. Provide regular update on project risk log, progress on targets, indicators and activities to support project quarterly and annual reporting such as QPR and PIR
  2. Work with the project coordinator to prepare QPR and finalise PIR ensuring that it captures results, lesson learned and good practices;
  3. Support the Project Coordinator in the preparation and submission of MTR/TE required by GEF and UNDP;
  4. Work with TSO on quarterly workplans and review deliverables and ensure proper reporting into the QPR
  5. Assist the Project Coordinator in the preparation of quarterly procurement plans for the project in line with the activities indicated in the Annual Work Plans and ensure timely delivery of the procurement plan
  6. Provide technical advice to Project Coordinator on careful monitoring of financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports;
  7. Ample support and advice to Project Coordinator on the preparation and submission of financial and technical reports to UNDP on a quarterly and annual basis;
  8. Will support training programs, completion of strategies, capacity building programs and other project initiatives as required. 
  9. Support the PMU with other monitoring & evaluation responsibilities such as field and monitoring visits


  1. Ensure the overall relevance and support for effective Communications and Knowledge Management sharing focusing on the achievement of the following results:
  1. Strengthen the presence and support of the Nauru R2R project through active engagement and information sharing with key stakeholders including other national and regional projects, and or any other relevant projects and government counterparts, project boards and committees, and beneficiaries/communities. 
  2. Provide technical input to developing communication and awareness materials of the project to ensure visibility of the project achievements and good practices.   
  3. Promote public awareness and participatory activities necessary for successful implementation, including overseeing the marketing and branding of Nauru R2R;
  4. Provide advice and guidance on documenting the success stories of the project.
  5. Provide technical support to the Project Coordinator in the development of press releases and providing updated information to continually feed the Environment Website.
  6. Critical and effective advice provided to PMU on preparation of progress and monitoring reports concerning project activities in accordance with the project monitoring plan, and in accordance with UNDP/GEF requirements and format;
  7. Actively advising and supporting project reviews and their preparation - when required;
  8. Keep the representatives of the Committee and UNDP informed on a regular basis on the progress of the project.
  9. Provide tangible advice and support in terms of Communication and Knowledge Management of project implementation





Resources Provided

  • All costs associated with the delivery of this work based on work plan submitted detailing all activities to achieve delivery and timeline.
  • Ground transportation to facilitate in-country meetings and consultation. Any other travel expenses can be claimed upon receiving a copy of his/her receipt. 
  • Travel cost to country will be facilitated only unless specific in financial proposal.
  • Housing will be provided   in Nauru during the duration of the contract
  • Office facility in Nauru with access to internet, printer and scanner
  • Field visit support by  Project Management Unit (PMU) officers




  • The PMU Technical Advisor will be directly supervised by the Director of Environment and will be required to report to him on a regular basis.
  •  He/She will also be expected to provide regular update to the Secretary of DCIE (Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment) upon request.
  • The Advisor will also be expected to report to UNDP through various reporting mechanisms such as progress report, QPR and PIR etc.  


Requirement for Qualifications & Experience


  • Minimum Masters in environmental science/environmental affairs or related discipline in climate change and/or marine science.

Work Experiences:

  • Minimum 5 years in environmental project management
  • Minimum 5 years in the development field, environmental science/affairs or other related area.
  • Minimum 5 years of successful experience in the Pacific Region and/or Small Island Developing States
  • Experience working on GEF Project development and implementation
  • Experience working on Ridge to Reef, Sustainable Land Management, Biodiversity, Water Management and/or Climate Change.
  • Experience working with Government and/or NGOs on project implementation.
  • Knowledge of sustainable environmental management in a small island context.
  • Able to build strong relationships with stakeholders, focuses on impact and result for the stakeholders and responds positively to feedback; consensus-oriented.
  • Highly developed inter-personal, negotiation and teamwork skills, ability to work in multi-cultural environment.
  • Sensitive to and can demonstrate diplomacy and integrity within cultural complexities and unique political contexts.

        Language requirement:

  • Fluency in English with very good diplomacy and communication skills



Proposal Requirements

Technical Proposal

  • CV/P11 Form
  • Statement of how applicant meets requirement
  • Names/Contacts of 3 referees


Financial Proposal

  • Daily Rate Fee for 250 working days
  • Other costs related to this consultancy to be included in the proposal ( while in Nauru for the duration of the contract)
  • ***Housing /Accommodation will be provided by the Project during the duration of the contract ***
  • Travel Expenses (Only one return trip – to and from Nauru at the end of the assignment – only economy permitted)
  • Financial proposal to be submitted separate from Technical proposal


Payment Schedule (if required):




Establishment fee upon arriving to Nauru

20  September


Submission and approval of work progress for September (20 days)

30 September


Submission and approval of work progress for October (23 days)

31 October


Submission and approval of work progress for November (22 days)

30 November


Submission and approval of work progress for December (16 days)

31 December


Submission and approval of work progress for January (21 days)

31 January


Submission and approval of work progress for February (20 days)

28 February


Submission and approval of work progress for March (22 days)

31 March


Submission and approval of work progress for April (20 days)

30 April


Submission and approval of work progress for May (22 days)

31 May


Submission and approval of work progress for June (20 days)

30 June


Submission and approval of work progress for July (22 days)

31 July


Submission and approval of work progress for August (22 days)

31 August










  • Combined weighing analysis
  • The proposals will be evaluated using the cumulative analysis method with a split 70% technical and 30% financial scoring. The proposal with the highest cumulative scoring will be awarded the contract. Applications will be evaluated technically, and points are attributed based on how well the proposal meets the requirements of the Terms of Reference using the guidelines detailed in the table below:
  • When using this weighted scoring method, the award of the contract may be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:
  • a) responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
  • b) having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.
  • * Technical Criteria weighting; 70%
  • * Financial Criteria weighting; 30%
  • Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 points in the Technical Evaluation would be considered for the Financial Evaluation. Interviews may be conducted as part of technical assessment for shortlisted proposals.








Minimum Masters in environmental science/environmental affairs or related discipline in climate change and/or marine science






5 years of relevant technical experience in LMMA planning, Land-Use Management and Community Engagement



At least 5 years working experience in the Pacific on Ridge to Reef /Environmental Management related project



Relevant experience working on a GEF funded Project  development and implementation and working on Ridge to Reef, Sustainable Land Management, Biodiversity, Water Management and/or Climate Change.



Project/programme management experience including in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of project.



Has working experience in/with Government and/or NGOs on project implementation in developing countries would be advantage



Knowledge of sustainable environmental management in a small island context and ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders, focuses on impact and result for the stakeholders and responds positively to feedback; consensus-oriented.



Technical Criteria



**If necessary interviews shall also be conducted as part of the technical evaluation to ascertain best value for money. 



Financial Criteria – Lowest Price








Proposal Submission

  • Offerors must send the following documents.
  • Signed  P11 form including names of at least 3 referees
  • Cover letter setting out:
  • How the proposer meets the qualifications and experience required.
  • iii) Completed template for confirmation of Interest and Submission of Financial Proposal
  • Consultant must send a financial proposal based on a Lump Sum Amount. The total amount quoted shall be all-inclusive and include all costs components required to perform the deliverables identified in the TOR, including professional fee, travel costs and any other costs associated with this consultancy (if any work is to be done outside the IC´s duty station) and any other applicable cost to be incurred by the IC in completing the assignment. The contract price will be fixed output-based price regardless of extension of the herein specified duration. Payments will be done upon completion of the deliverables/outputs.
  • In general, UNDP shall not accept travel costs exceeding those of an economy class ticket. Should the IC wish to travel on a higher class he/she should do so using their own resources
  • In the event of unforeseeable travel not anticipated in this TOR, payment of travel costs including tickets, lodging and terminal expenses should be agreed upon, between the respective business unit and the Individual Consultant, prior to travel and will be reimbursed.
  • The P11 form and Template for confirmation of interest and Submission of Financial Proposal is available under the procurement section of UNDP Fiji website (