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RFQ/015/TLS/2018 LTA Supply of Cleaning, Plumbing and Electrical materials (deadline is extended)
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UNDP Country Office - TIMOR LESTE
Deadline :17-Oct-18
Posted on :10-Sep-18
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :49676
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Dear Sir / Madam:



We kindly request you to submit your quotation for Supply of Cleaning, Plumbing and Electrical goods for UNDP Timor-Leste Under Long Term Agreement (LTA) as detailed in Annex 1 of this RFQ.  When preparing your quotation, please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2. 


Quotations may be submitted on or before 01 October 2018 (EXTENDED TILL COB 17 OCTOBER 2018) and via (choose appropriate box) ☒e-mail or ☒courier to the address below:


United Nations Development Programme

Registry Unit, P.O Box 558 Dili
UN House, Caicoli Street, Dili - Timor-Leste

Attn. Mr. Claudio Providas



                Quotations submitted by email must be limited to a maximum of 4 MB, virus-free and no more than one email transmissions.  They must be free from any form of virus or corrupted contents, or the quotations shall be rejected. 


It shall remain your responsibility to ensure that your quotation will reach the address above on or before the deadline.  Quotations that are received by UNDP after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation.  If you are submitting your quotation by email, kindly ensure that they are signed and in the .pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files.


Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the supply of the abovementioned good/s: 


Delivery Terms


(Pls. link this to price schedule)



Customs clearance[1], if needed, shall be done by:



Exact Address/es of Delivery Location/s (identify all, if multiple)

UN House, Caicoli Street, Dili, Timor-Leste


UNDP Preferred Freight Forwarder, if any[2]


Distribution of shipping documents (if using freight forwarder)



Latest Expected Delivery Date and Time  (if delivery time exceeds this, quote may be rejected by UNDP)

Ready stock and maximum 10 days from the issuance of the Purchase Order (PO)

Time :  17:00

Time Zone of Reference :  GMT+9


Delivery Schedule

☒Not Required


Packing Requirements

Standard, properly sealed to protect the items from damage or broken until final delivery to UNDP requesting office.


Mode of Transport


☒OTHER Door-to-door service


Currency of Quotation[3]

☒United States Dollars


Value Added Tax on Price Quotation[4]

☒ Must be exclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

After-sales services required

  ☒ Others N/A

Deadline for the Submission of Quotation

COB, Monday, October 01, 2018 extended till 17 October 2018 and 1700 local time (GMT+9)


All documentations, including catalogs, instructions and operating manuals, shall be in this language

☒ English       



Documents to be submitted[5]

☒ Duly Accomplished Form as provided in Annex 2, and in accordance with the list of requirements in Annex 1;

☒ Quality Certificates (ISO, etc.);

☒ Latest Business Registration Certificate ;

☒ Latest Internal Revenue Certificate / Tax Clearance;

☒ Manufacturer’s Authorization of the Company as a Sales Agent (if Supplier is not the manufacturer);

☒ Evidence/Certification of Environmental Sustainability (“Green” Standards) of the Company or the Product being supplied ;

☒ Complete documentation, information and declaration of any goods classified or may be classified as “Dangerous Goods”.

☒ Written Self-Declaration of not being included in the UN Security Council 1267/1989 list, UN Procurement Division List or other UN Ineligibility List;



Period of Validity of Quotes starting the Submission Date


☒ 120 days


In exceptional circumstances, UNDP may request the Vendor to extend the validity of the Quotation beyond what has been initially indicated in this RFQ.   The Proposer shall then confirm the extension in writing, without any modification whatsoever on the Quotation. 

Partial Quotes

☒ Not permitted (for each LOT),



Payment Terms[6]

☒ 100% upon complete delivery of goods



Liquidated Damages


See Article 10 of the General Terms and Conditions on LATE DELIVERY



Evaluation Criteria

[check as many as applicable]


☒ Technical responsiveness/Full compliance to requirements and lowest price[7]

 Comprehensiveness of after-sales services

☒ Full acceptance of the PO/Contract General Terms and Conditions



UNDP will award to:



☒ One or more Supplier, depending on the following factors:  [Technically qualified and price offer are equal or equivalent]


Type of Contract to be Signed


☒ Purchase Order

☒ Long-Term Agreement[8] (LTA) shall for initially one year and extendable up to maximum period of 2 additional years subject to satisfactory contract performance and price competitiveness.


Long Term Agreement (LTA) objective and set up

Objective: the overall objective to set up this LTA is to facilitate and expedite the acquisition process by which UNDP for supply of office stationary/supplies for UNDP’s requirement under the LTA.


Estimate Volume: for reference purposes, the estimated volume of office stationary requirement per year have been included in Annex 1 of this RFQ.


Number of LTAs: UNDP will sign the Agreement (LTA) with one or more suppliers selected from this procurement process, as per evaluation methodology and criteria specified herein. The LTA shall be considered by UNDP as nonexclusive and will not have an upfront commitment by UNDP in terms of volume contracted during its duration as this will depend on forthcoming needs. When UNDP specific requirements, this shall be initiated through a work order or Purchase Order using unit rates quoted by the awarded company in this RFQ process.


Special conditions of Contract

☒ Cancellation of PO/Contract if the delivery/completion is delayed by 10 calendar days



Conditions for Release of Payment

 ☒ Passing Inspection for items requested and delivered to UNDP

 ☒ Passing all Testing [applied to certain items as may be required]

☒ Completion of Training on Operation and Maintenance [applied to certain items as maybe required]

☒ Written Acceptance of Goods based on full compliance with RFQ requirements



Annexes to this RFQ[9]

☒ Specifications of the Goods Required (Annex 1 &4)

☒ Form for Submission of Quotation (Annex 2)

☒ General Terms and Conditions / Special Conditions (Annex 3). 


Non-acceptance of the terms of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall be grounds for disqualification from this procurement process. 


Contact Person for Inquiries

(Written inquiries only)[10]


Procurement Unit

Any delay in UNDP’s response shall be not used as a reason for extending the deadline for submission, unless UNDP determines that such an extension is necessary and communicates a new deadline to the Proposers.


Goods offered shall be reviewed based on completeness and compliance of the quotation with the minimum specifications described above and any other annexes providing details of UNDP requirements.


The quotation that complies with all of the specifications, requirements and offers the lowest price, as well as all other evaluation criteria indicated, shall be selected.  Any offer that does not meet the requirements shall be rejected.


Any discrepancy between the unit price and the total price (obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity) shall be re-computed by UNDP.  The unit price shall prevail and the total price shall be corrected.  If the supplier does not accept the final price based on UNDP’s re-computation and correction of errors, its quotation will be rejected. 


After UNDP has identified the lowest price offer, UNDP reserves the right to award the contract based only on the prices of the goods in the event that the transportation cost (freight and insurance) is found to be higher than UNDP’s own estimated cost if sourced from its own freight forwarder and insurance provider. 


At any time during the validity of the quotation, no price variation due to escalation, inflation, fluctuation in exchange rates, or any other market factors shall be accepted by UNDP after it has received the quotation.At the time of award of Contract or Purchase Order, UNDP reserves the right to vary (increase or decrease) the quantity of services and/or goods, by up to a maximum twenty-five per cent (25%) of the total offer, without any change in the unit price or other terms and conditions. 


Any Purchase Order that will be issued as a result of this RFQ shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions attached hereto.  The mere act of submission of a quotation implies that the vendor accepts without question the General Terms and Conditions of UNDP herein attached as Annex 3.


UNDP is not bound to accept any quotation, nor award a contract/Purchase Order, nor be responsible for any costs associated with a Supplier’s preparation and submission of a quotation, regardless of the outcome or the manner of conducting the selection process.


                Please be advised that UNDP’s vendor protest procedure is intended to afford an opportunity to appeal for persons or firms not awarded a purchase order or contract in a competitive procurement process.  In the event that you believe you have not been fairly treated, you can find detailed information about vendor protest procedures in the following link:


UNDP encourages every prospective Vendor to avoid and prevent conflicts of interest, by disclosing to UNDP if you, or any of your affiliates or personnel, were involved in the preparation of the requirements, design, specifications, cost estimates, and other information used in this RFQ. 


UNDP implements a zero tolerance on fraud and other proscribed practices and is committed to identifying and addressing all such acts and practices against UNDP, as well as third parties involved in UNDP activities.  UNDP expects its suppliers to adhere to the UN Supplier Code of Conduct found in this link :


Thank you and we look forward to receiving your quotation.




Sincerely yours,



Diana Lina Bernardo

Operations Manager                                      UNDP Timor-Leste       



[1] Must be linked to INCO Terms chosen.

[2]Depends on INCO Terms. The suggestion to use a UNDP preferred courier is only for purposes of familiarity with procedures and documentary requirements applicable to the UNDP when clearing with customs.

[3] Local vendors must comply with any applicable laws regarding doing business in other currencies.  Conversion of  currency into the UNDP preferred currency, if the offer is quoted differently from what is required, shall be based only on UN Operational Exchange Rate prevailing at the time of UNDP’s issuance of Purchase Order.

[4] This must be reconciled with the INCO Terms required by the RFQ.  Furthermore, VAT exemption status varies from one country to another.  Pls. tick whatever is applicable to the UNDP CO/BU requiring the goods.

[5] First 2 items in this list are mandatory for the supply of imported goods

[6] UNDP preference is not to pay advanced amount upon signing of contract.  If vendor strictly requires advanced payment, it will be limited only up to 20% of the total price quoted.  For any higher percentage, or advanced payment of $30,000 or higher, UNDP shall require the vendor to submit a bank guarantee or bank checque payable to UNDP, in the same amount as the advanced payment made by UNDP to the vendor.

[7] UNDP reserves the right not to award the contract to the lowest priced offer, if the second lowest price among the responsive offer is found to be significantly more superior, and the price is higher than the lowest priced compliant offer by not more than 10%, and the budget can sufficiently cover the price difference.  The term “more superior” as used in this provision shall refer to offers that have exceeded the pre-determined requirements established in the specifications.

[8] Minimum of one (1) year period and may be extended up to a maximum of three (3) years subject to satisfactory performance evaluation

[9]  Where the information is available in the web, a URL for the information may simply be provided.

[10] This contact person and address is officially designated by UNDP.  If inquiries are sent to other person/s or address/es, even if they are UNDP staff, UNDP shall have no obligation to respond nor can UNDP confirm that the query was received.