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: Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Monthly Rent a Car for Cox’s Bazar Sub Office
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :UN Women Bangladesh Office - BANGLADESH
Deadline :17-Sep-18
Posted on :10-Sep-18
Reference Number :49677
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Documents :
General Condition for Services
copy of contract
Overview :


UN Women Bangladesh Office & Cox Bazar Office uses rented vehicle as official work within Dhaka city as well as in field. UN Women Bangladesh Office finds it is convenient vendor who can provide rent a car services at Cox Bazar (visite hill tracks, Camps, intercity). With that purpose floating RFQ (Request for quotations) to the potential firms. Once entirely quotation received and concluded UN Women would offer the lowest price to all bidders. UN Women will finalize only with the vendors who will agree with the requirements.


Objective of the assignment: 


Monthly basis rent a car for Cox Bazar Sub Office


Expected services/Scope of Work:

Provide vehicle Quatations for:

  1.  Jeep Four Wheel Toyota Landcruiser Prado-(Model 2014 or later) for UN Women Cox’s Bazar Sub office from 1st October to 31st December 2018. (The contract may be further extended)
  2. 07 seated Noah -Model 2014-2017, for UN Women Cox’s Bazar Sub office. (The contarct will be from 2019)
  • The Driver will maintain logbook in English and update with kilometer run and obtain signature of the user.
  • Provided vehicle will be in good condition. Before any assignment the provider will check its functioning condition. The Contractor will obtain vetting and clearance from UN Women Operations before assigning any vehicle and/ or the driver.
  • Vehicle is covered by insurance.
  • Vehicle will make available to UN Women mentioned place within weekly 6 days. Friday will be holiday.
  • All essential documents including driver’s license, insurance required by the traffic law, must be available in the vehicle duly up-to-date.
  • Driver will not smoke while on driving or talk over phone.
  • Driver will not use mobile phone while driving
  • Total work duration per day will be 10 hours, starting at 8 am (excluding time required for reporting to and returning from duty), on all days when services will be rendered.
  • The vehicle will not be rented/moving by other agency during UN Women agreement with you.
  • Duty driver should be well mannered, well dressed and sufficiently educated to maintain the Log Sheets.
  • After request is confirmed, contractor will provide name, contact number and details of drivers to the contact person in UN Women.
  • Ensure that driver is well versed with all locations of the city.
  • In case breakdown of any vehicle, it must be replaced by vehicle of the same configuration and condition within 3 hours inside.
  • Alternative arrangements must be done in case the regular designated vehicle is off-road or not available, by replacing with vehicle of same configuration and condition; there cannot be any discontinuation of service during the contract period.
  • In case cancellation of a scheduled vehicle due to any problem, the contractor must inform UN Women contact person and send an immediate replacement.
  • Neither the driver, nor the vehicle can be changed/ replaced without prior notice and approval of UN Women Operations; any changes/ replacements must be notified minimum 3 days before.
  • In case of any accident, all legal matters will be handled by the Contractor, where neither UN Women nor any of its personnel/ partners/ associates will remain liable in any way.
  • Vehicle off-duty parking to be preferably within 10 kilometres from UN Women Office location for easy availability.
  • Vehicle must be inside & outside clean & good conditioned for duty
  • Over time will be pay after 10 hours(Sunday-Saturday)
  • UN Agencies do not avail all national holidays. Therefore, the car will do duty in such days.
  • UN Women enjoys 11 national holidays. If car has to do duty in any UN holiday overtime will be paid.

Conditions for submitting quotations :

  1. Quote for Jeep (4X4) Toyota Landcruiser Prado-Model 2014
  2. 07 seated Noah -Model 2014-2017
  • Preferred model: Jeep (4X4) Toyota Landcruiser Prado-Model 2014
  • Quote rent for monthly basis.
  • Proper quotation within an official pad. Include the rent with per kilometer in both CNG and Octane.
  • Expenses of driver for travel outside of Dhaka
  • No additional amount will be paid to driver as food allowance during duties within Dhaka city or for duties when the car returns after performing the duty for the day.

Contract type :

UN Women will sign an Institutional Service contract with in same price with provision for for UN Women Cox Bazar Sub office from 01st October to 31st December 2018. (The contract may be further extended for Jeep). The Micro will be contracted in 2019.