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National Consultancy to develop a CSO Hub Coordination Policy and Procedures Manual to serve as the CSO Hub’s Governance Manual
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - BELIZE
Deadline :15-Oct-18
Posted on :03-Oct-18
Reference Number :50355
Link to Atlas Project :
00084493 - Investing for Impact against TB & HIV in Belize
Documents :
TOR-Consultancy to develop a CSO Hub Coordination P&P Manual
Template for Confirmation of interes ans Submission of Financial Proposal
Individual Contract Template -Copy
UNDP General Terms and Conditions for Individual Contract
Overview :

The CSO Hub is the coordinated effort of civil society organizations in the HIV and TB response to collaborate among each other and with key government Ministries, in particular, the Ministry of Health to reach key populations such as men who have sex with men, transgender persons and youth.

Belize has over the years benefitted from the support of the Global Fund and other entities supporting countries national response to HIV/AIDS, in building local capacities to effectively respond to HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. The country is now at a critical point in its response as it transitions from a response dependent on external funding to one that is sustained and financed domestically. This response therefore requires sustained government and civil society organizations’ coordination and collaboration. It involves innovative strategic thinking and planning.

In the CSO Hub model one established CSO will be identified and selected to be the coordinating entity that will serve as the link between the Ministry of Health (and other Ministries) and CSOs as well coordinator of the CSO Hub response. This Coordinating CSO will serve as a sub-recipient which have the responsibility for sub-contracting other organizations working in key areas of the response such as: Prevention: Testing and distribution of condoms and lubricants; Human Rights Advocacy; Psychosocial Support and Adherence Counseling and Support and linkage to treatment through the Ministry of Health facilities.  The response is categorized in thematic areas and CSOs that have been practicing and have the expertise in the respective areas will be subcontracted to be implementers of the specific components.

The objectives of the CSO Hub is to:

  1. to facilitate the coordination among CSOs in the national HIV and TB response as well as serve as the link between CSOs and the government in particular the Ministry of Health.
  2. using a community-based approach, the Hub will allow CSOs to target and engage persons from the key population that do not readily access the public health system for HIV and TB services
  3. strengthen the capacity of the CSOs as it will provide opportunities for exchange of skills and knowledge through training and shared resources
  4. allow for more strategic monitoring and evaluation ensuring focus on key performance indicators and quality services.  

As part of its development process, the CSO Hub will need to develop: (1) an organizational and (2) a grants management policy and procedures manual to guide its administrative and grants management processes.