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Office :UNDP Country Office - KENYA
Deadline :07-Nov-18
Posted on :25-Oct-18
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The year 2015 saw the introduction of two important frameworks that are expected to drive the pathway towards a greener and sustainable future, namely the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Paris Agreement is built on individual national contributions to tackle mitigation and adaptation actions within their specific country context - termed 'Nationally Determined Contributions' (NDCs). It is expected that countries will measure, and report progress made on their NDCs, which will be reviewed in a 5-years cycle, namely 2020, 2025, 2030 (and subsequent 5-year cycles) to set increasingly ambitious targets to tackle climate change.

As the NDCs are designed and made available by respective governments and are intended to tackle country specific issues, the type of actions undertaken are expected to contribute towards limiting the effects of global warming and ultimately, lead towards sustainable development, thereby aligning the NDCs with the Agenda 2030.

In this context, UNDP has developed a tool to help a broad range of stakeholders dealing with the design, development, implementation, financing, measurement, reporting and verification of the various type of actions to identify significant impacts, define indicators, quantify impacts and set targets and track the progress of the actions towards the NDCs. The tool is a bottom-up tool that can be applied to track ‘significant, direct impacts’ of actions.  

The tool and relevant data is and will remain hosted by UNDP through a Long Term Agreement (LTA) with Microsoft Azure hosting services.

UNDP launched the tool on 26th April 2018 and with a range of UN agencies, non-for-profits and other organizations expressing interest in the tool, user application is expected to pick up rapidly.

The tool was used in Kenya to assess the climate impact and contribution of the BBOXX Capital sustainable development goals. Kenya plans to upscale the use of the tool, specifically to track its NDC implementation process by assessing the impact of the climate change actions; as well contribution to the SDGs.

UNDP on behalf of the Government of Kenya is therefore seeking to hire a service provider to support review of the tool based on the Kenya’s NDC commitments and thereafter use the results to update the web application.

Applications should be sent to  to reach us not later than

11.59 p.m. on Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Please quoteKEN/IC/2018/033 – Climate Action Impact Assessment Tool on the subject line.