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Development/Production of a video documentary for any of the two (2) or both Environmental Related Clusters for UNDP Botswana
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :19-Nov-18
Posted on :05-Nov-18
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :51258
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00102700 - Environment and Climate change response
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RFP: Development/Production of a video documentary for any of the two (2) or both Environmental Related Clusters for UNDP Botswana
Overview :

OBJECTIVE OF ASSIGNMENT:To develop a high-quality videos documentary that is compliant with national television standards that will showcase proof of concept recording the details of key steps involved at each and every stage of the concept from beginning to the end.

The Environment and Climate Change Project assists Botswana to address environmental and natural resource management challenges thereby promoting attainment of sustainable development. This is achieved through provision of support that contributes to the realization of NDP 11 and Sustainable Development Goals.


Recognising Botswana’s vulnerability to climate change; trade-offs between economic development and the environment; unsustainable land management practices to mention but a few, the project focuses on but not limited to;

  1. Development of selected environmental and sustainable development strategies and policies to be responsive to new and emerging development trends, issues and challenges;
  2. Support the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resource Conservation and Tourism to a) identify challenges in the implementation of environmental policies and programmes at national and sub-national levels (b) support the development of action plans to address the challenges (c) support the required implementation plans;
  3. Support the development of options based on research and analysis for sustainable utilization of natural resources and ecosystems key to Botswana’s development;
  4. Pilot the good examples of environmental practices using virtual training methods with the view to replicate in the districts;
  5. Strengthen the capacities to manage, coordinate and communicate progress of all UNDP environment supported projects.

Considering the above, UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resource Conservation and Tourism would like to recruit reputable and experienced firm(s) to produce video documentary that captures our key results, successes and challenges. To that end, UNDP and MENT has identified a number of projects as examples of best practices for proof of concept and wish to invite suitable and qualified companies to develop video documentaries that could be televised to communicate results, success stories of beneficiaries on the interventions across selected spectrum of our programming in selected projects. The projects are clustered and therefore the bidder is expected to select a cluster that is applied for;


Cluster 1:

  1. Greening of the Mathathane village and provision of environmental education by Mathathane Village Development Committee
  2. Establishment of used oil Receptacles; Ramotswa, Gamodubu & Kanye landfills by Tshole Trust
  3. Management of Agricultural Waste and Residues through Production and Utilization of Compost Fertilizer by; BUAN in Lecheng, Malaka and Central District
  4. Soil Conservation- construction of Gabion structures funded by FCB

Cluster 2:

  1. Prosopis juliflora Management- Ghanzi                                                                                           
  2. Development of tourism value chains- Kgalagadi
  3. Reversal of bush encroachment and charcoal production- Sehithwa
  4. Biogas production- Southern District