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RFQ- MPTF office/UNDP- Crowd funding innovative solution
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :HQ-Multi Partner Trust Fund Office - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Deadline :13-Nov-18
Posted on :07-Nov-18
Reference Number :51349
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00113804 - THE LION'S SHARE
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RFQ- Crowd Funding Innovative Solution
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Overview :

The Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office is a UN center of expertise on pooled financing mechanisms. It supports development effectiveness and UN coordination through the efficient, accountable and transparent design and administration of innovative pooled financing mechanisms, see . The UN Multi Partner Trust Fund office is developing models for blended finance solutions, where UN Trust Funds can leverage their grant financing with private sector/ individual investments/donations. One option is to propose a financing platform that could be used across a portfolio of Trust Funds. A digital financing instrument that could pool different sources of funding and connect investors to beneficiaries or a pool of assets proposed by each UN Trust Fund.

One initial Trust Fund looking at this type of modality is a new wildlife conservation partnership called the Lion’s Share Fund, With a simple but powerful concept it is a unique opportunity to leverage pilot investments into large-scale and long-term financial commitments by consumers and social impact investors creating long-term solutions.

The Lion’s Share team is currently developing its first Investment Plan and is looking at designing innovative sourcing and spending modalities that can benefit from this unique private -public partnership. One of the proposed solution is to use advertisement outreach capability of the Lion’s Share partners to mobilize crowd funding through a dedicated global Lion’s Share Community, creating a platform for engagement and investment into priority landscapes sponsored by the Lion’s Share Fund. The platform should use new digital technologies to capture donation/investment generated by Lion’s Share fundraising campaigns.

The initial model should be a simple concept that could be applied to any of the Lion’s Share supported ecosystems. The Lion’s Share has the ambition through its transformative window to help local actors, to scale up their financing by creating a direct link between them and a global community of supporters and social impact investors. The Lion’s Share intend to facilitate that connection using its planned consumers facing campaign where the Lion’s Share media partners will advertise “conservation solutions” to consumers, concerned citizens, employees of Lion’s Share companies or investors.

Similar to the Lion’s Share, the Spotlight Initiative Fund provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity for different type of partners to help collectively step up efforts to combat Violence Against Women and Girls, promote gender equality and build a safer, fairer and more sustainable world for all. The fourth pillar of the Spotlight approach calls for innovative solutions to support women victims of violence, this includes the delivery of essential services and as well as innovative financial solutions for their sustainable recovery. Opportunities need to be further explored to connect those victims to innovative way of generating financing. Looking at crowd funding through a dedicated global digital financing platform is one of them.