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Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :07-Dec-18
Posted on :19-Nov-18
Reference Number :51643
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RFP SDG Impact For Final Inputs 6 months
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Methodology and approach for the preparation of SDG Country Mapping Reports for Private Investors 

Given the breadth of SDGs, targets and indicators, the methodology should identify key SDG priorities for a given country and help prioritize which of these private investors can most effectively contribute to. This includes defining how specific SDG priority targets or indicators could translate into potential private sector investment opportunities. In addition, it could also include analyzing specific industry sectors that are prominent in the country and identify opportunities for how these can align with and enable achievement of priority SDGs. The report methodology should clearly define how these SDG investment opportunities would be identified.As a strong basis for identifying national and local SDG priorities and relevant private sector investment opportunities, the methodology should incorporate, build on or use relevant existing country SDG strategies, analysis and data. In particular and where available, the findings of UN MAPS exercises (UN approach for SDG Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support at country level) and UNDP’s Rapid Integrated Assessment tool should form a basis for defining SDG priorities that can be translated into private sector investment opportunities. Other sources that should be considered include the Voluntary National Reviews for SDG progress, Integrated National SDG Financing Frameworks, national investment promotion and economic development strategies, various sectoral strategies and plans including NDCs, etc.


The methodology may also include a quantitative component to quantify financial expectations, estimated size of identified investment opportunities, or other relevant financial data and inputs.