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Communication Specialist of the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Secretariat
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Deadline :16-Dec-18
Posted on :19-Nov-18
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00111561 - Ethiopia Engagement Facility
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Title of the assignment:                Communication Specialistof the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Secretariat 

Country:                                          Ethiopia

Project name:                                Engagement Facility to support the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund initiative

Period of assignment:                 Twelve Months with Possibility of Extension                     


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites Individual Consultants to submit a Proposal to the consultant Recruitment Notice forCommunication Specialist of the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Secretariat.

  1. Background

Ethiopia has been implementing Diaspora engagement policies and establishing government institutions to engage the Diaspora over the past decade. Large numbers of Ethiopians or foreign citizens of Ethiopian origin are estimated to be residing abroad. According to estimates from UNDESA (2017), the top five host countries for Ethiopians and foreign citizens of Ethiopian origin are the USA; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; the European Union; Israel; and Sudan. In 2017, the Ethiopia diaspora provided the country with remittances amounting to one per cent of the country’s GDP, USD816million (World Bank, 2017).  Through various fora, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia has appealed for support to government initiatives aimed at harnessing the contribution of highly qualified Ethiopian diaspora to Ethiopia’s economic and social development. The Government has recently established a Diaspora Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with mandate to devise and operationalize diaspora engagement policies.

Following the Prime Minister’s call to the global Ethiopian Diaspora to contribute to an Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (hereinafter “EDTF”), the EDTF Advisory Council appointed by the Prime Minister established and lunched the EDTF (, The EDTF is intended to gather financial contributions from the Ethiopian Diaspora, Ethiopians willing to support the EDTF and Friends of Ethiopia and channel them back to Ethiopia to finance people-focused social and economic development projects aligned with the reform process. The Fund aims to finance projects that meet critical needs selected based on their potential to make the highest positive impact on groups and communities in Ethiopia in such areas as health, education, water and sanitation facilities, habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with disability, agricultural development, technology, small scale entrepreneurship and other income and employment generating projects. The EDTF will give priority attention to projects focusing on youth, women, small holder farmers, small enterprises and entrepreneurs, who can be agents of inclusive social and economic development.

A 15 members EDTF Advisory Council is appointed by the Prime Minister with a global mandate. The EDTF will have the Board of Directors, which is the apex governance body. It will comprise of eleven persons appointed by the Prime Minister, who will be drawn from the Ethiopian government, Ethiopian Diaspora who are recommended by the Advisory Council and Civil Society.

The EDTF Secretariat will be headed by an Executive Director appointed by the Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”). The Secretariat at its full establishment will include Deputy Executive Director who is a direct report to the Executive Director, Planning & Programme Design, Procurement, Monitoring & Evaluation and Communication. UNDP has been requested by the Government of Ethiopia to assist in the establishment of the EDTF Secretariat and would like to recruit a national Communication Specialist of the Secretariat of the EDTF.


The purpose of the proposed technical and financial assistance is to

  • Spearhead the establishment of the Secretariat of the EDTF, which is a key organ that will support the EDTF Board and ensure the transparent, accountable efficient and effective operation of the EDTF Secretariat including oversight, overall project/programme selection, project/programme implementation, project/programme monitoring and evaluation to achieve results that create positive developmental impact to Ethiopia; and
  • accelerate starting the EDTF Secretariat operations while the EDTF finds ways to financially sustain the Secretariat from the second year onwards.

Area of Work

Communication Specialist is responsible for the following areas of work.

Internal and External Communications:

  • Identify key EDTF stakeholders and their specific needs from the communication point of view.
  • Formulate and implements the EDTF Communication and Stakeholders’ Management Strategy to ensure clear understanding about the EDTF objectives and operations by EDTF internal and external stakeholders, in particular the public at large, EDTF Implementing Organizations and EDTF Contributors to keep them engaged with the EDTF and attracts EDTF contributors.
  • Prepare various communication materials such as press release, flyers, reports, etc. to be used by the EDTF in various communication and outreach activities to promote the initiatives of the EDTF and encourage Diasporas to contribute to the EDTF.
  • Monitor, collect, review, comment and recommend to the Secretariat’s Executive Director, news / publications /reports that relate to the EDTF to analyze the sentiment of stakeholders of the EDTF.
  • Develop and implement the EDTF Communication system in order to measure the effectiveness of campaign and other outreach program to improve its communication to stakeholders of the EDTF.
  • Assist the EDTF Implementing Organizations through trainings and workshops to provide information and highlights on the implementation and impact of the EDTF projects on the assisted local groups and communities.
  • Maintain close relationship and effective communication with media and communication units of key stakeholders such as concerned government institutions, Ethiopia’s development partners, NGOs, CSOs and media agencies.
  • Update the EDTF website with timely information on the activities of the EDTF Board of Directors, EDTF funded projects and EDTF Implementing Organizations to keep abreast EDTF contributors how their contributions are utilized and making positive developmental impact on the assisted disadvantaged groups/communities.
  • Ensure timely summary postings of project information (project pipelines, approved projects, progress and evaluations reports, etc.) on the EDTF website and Social Networking Services to keep abreast stakeholders of the EDTF and the Secretariat staffs to keep them engaged with the EDTF.


  • Any other duties the Board deems necessary for the EDTF.


Institutional Arrangement / Reporting Relationships  

  • This position reports directly to the EDTF Secretariat Executive Director and works in close collaboration with the Project Officer.
  • Under the overall management and supervision of the Executive Director, the Communication Specialist will be responsible for the internal and external communication activities of the EDTF at the Secretariat Level.

Qualifications/Experiences of the Consultants

Education and Experiences:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications or related fields with at least 5 years of relevant experience in public communication, public relations or similar activities. A master’s degree in Management/Communications or other relevant field will be an advantage.
  • Familiarity with the design and delivery of materials in various media for public outreach, including social marketing, information and public dissemination.
  • Excellent Computer skills such as Microsoft Office application.
  • Proven experience in public communication, public relations or similar activities.


  • Excellent written and oral communication in English and Amharic is essential. Knowledge of other Ethiopian languages is an asset.

Functional Competencies:

  • Capacity to impart knowledge and carry out successful outreach with use of appropriate communication tools.
  • Communicates in a clear, precise and structured way and presents effectively.
  • Ability to work closely and establish positive relationships with local structure and to engage with various stakeholders, including EDTF Contributors.
  • Ability to multi-task effectively, including having good planning, organizational skills, and the ability to work under pressure.
  • Analytical and problem-solving approach.

Core Competencies:

  • Awareness of and sensitive to working in multiple socio-economic settings and with multi-cultural groups.
  • Ability to use initiative, work independently and think creatively.
  • Energetic and positive attitude with strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  • Flexibility and team approach to programmatic work.

Detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) as well as other requirements are listed in the IC are attached here and also available on UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system” UNDP/ETH10/Event ID: 0000003123 .

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