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Development of Nepal Law (Software) for the IOS and Android application plus web based software
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :A2J/UNDP Nepal - NEPAL
Deadline :11-Jan-19
Posted on :28-Dec-18
Reference Number :52458
Link to Atlas Project :
00106402 - Enhancing Access to Justice
Documents :
RFP - Development of Nepal Laws - Software
TOR for Nepal Laws - Software
RFP A2J-RFP-2018-01 - Responses to Bidders Queries
Overview :

A2J Project Nepal aims to support systematic changes in the national legislative, policy and institutional frameworks and structures to contribute in strengthening peace, development and human rights in Nepal. It primarily seeks to ensure that women and vulnerable groups are benefited from a protective and affirmative legal framework and the recent improvements in the field of administration of justice. Moreover, the programme will further act to strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation among justice sector institutions. To this end, the programme focusses on three primary areas to achieve its goals: First, it supports the rule of law institutions to be responsive towards demand for justice service delivery; that is improving the supply side aspects of the justice sector. Second, it strives to augment the demand for justice related service delivery by developing institutional capacities of justice sector institutions by improving coordination and, also supporting women and vulnerable groups to access the rule of law institutions, and thereby assert and enjoy human rights as well as social protection entitlements. Third, it supports the criminal justice system, civil society, and the media to work together to ensure increased accountability for justice service delivery.

Similarly, the project is also working with non-formal justice sector to reinforce the formal efforts made by the government agencies to improve the administration of justice. This entails reforming the quasi-judicial mandates (of quasi-judicial bodies) and promoting a stronger interface between 'non-formal' and 'formal' justice systems.

In this regard, the Programme aims to support the key national implementing partners, namely, Supreme Court, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Office of Attorney General, Nepal Bar Association and Civil Society Organizations/stakeholders, etc. to effectively and efficiently implement the functions and activities that ultimately support achieving the desired results and goals of the Programme.