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UNDP/SOM/ITB/2018/012/OPS- Provision of Security Services in Somalia
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Office :UNDP Somalia - SOMALIA
Deadline :14-Feb-19
Posted on :01-Jan-19
Reference Number :52473
Link to Atlas Project :
00115587 - Security Sector Governance
Documents :
Provision of Security Services- UNDP/SOM/ITB/2018/012/OPS
Clarification no. 1- ITB-2018-012- Security Services- Somalia
Revision 2- UNDPSO-ITB-2018-012 Provision of Security Services in Somalia
Addendum 2- UNDPSO-ITB-2018-012 Provision of Security Services in Somalia
Clarification no. 2/Prebid minutes- UNDPSO-ITB-2018-012 Provision of Security Services in Somalia
Clarification 3- UNDPSO-ITB-2018-012
Overview :

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1. As an international organisation, the United Nations (UN) has its own security standards which are at times modified according to the level of risk to UN staff, premises, assets and activities.  These risks may vary from region to region within Somalia but at the present date, all of Somalia, with the exception of Somaliland, is assessed as HIGH risk.  The UN Principle Security Adviser (hereinafter referred to as the “PSA”) or separately each Head of Security for all missions, agencies, funds and programmes operating in Somalia, requires that all UN staff, premises, assets and activities operate with a high degree of armed and unarmed protection.

2. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Somalia is seeking the services of professional Armed Private Security Companies (APSC) herein referred to as contractor to provide Armed International Security Guards for its compound at United Nations Common Compound (UNCC) in Garowe and Unarmed National Security Guards for UNCC in Hargeisa to enable internal protection. The UNCCs act as the official coordination centre vis-à -vis the government and local authorities in the regions. Both compounds host high-level meetings involving Counterparts, Donors, Embassies and other international organizations. 

3. A Long-Term Agreement (LTA) will be awarded to the successful contractor/s for up to five years at the discretion of the UNDP Somalia.  Contractor performance will be assessed on a yearly basis.  The contract/s will be awarded, through a competitive selection process, to the service provider/s that can clearly demonstrate through a written response to this Statement of Requirement (SoR) a high level of experience, professionalism, ability, competency and best practice in security services. 

4. The primary risks to UN staff include kidnapping, complex attack using BBIED & VBIED against premises, attacks against UN convoy movement, targeted killing and theft.


5. The primary objective is to provide a visible deterrent to potential attackers and an armed response capable to repel any attack for up to sixty (60) minutes in a manner consistent with the UN’s “Use of Force Policy”, any relevant legislation enacted in Somalia and international law. 


6. The scope of work shall vary per location and is divided into two lots: Lot 1- Armed and Unarmed guard services for UNCC in Garowe- Puntland and Lot 2- Unarmed guard services for UNCC in Hargeisa- Somaliland. The staffing requirement for this contract includes the following, and each is addressed separately thereafter:

·   Unarmed internal guards – Somali nationals; (Appendix 1)

·         Armed internal guards – third country nationals; (Appendix 1)

·         Armed Guard Supervisors – Third country nationals (Appendix 2)

·         Unarmed Guard Supervisors- Somali nationals (Appendix 2)

·         Guard Manager- Third country nationals (Appendix 2)

·         Project Manager – Third country national

·         Training Manager/Instructor (Appendix 3)

7. The contract is not to be further subcontracted nor are employment agencies to be used for recruitment.  Payment of salaries and entitlements must be made directly to the employee from the Contractor. The company is to ensure a mixed clan representation of employees in each location and, when requested, provide proof that this has been achieved.

8. The contractor is required to provide a “per unit” price for each employee required to perform services under this contract. Coverage must be assured for leave, sickness, unscheduled absences and weekends.  All shifts will not be longer than eight (8) hours. Definitions of each “per unit” cost can be found in the Appendices.

9. Should a contractor be unable to provide security services for both locations, the Contractor must specify the location in which they can work in accordance with this SoR.

10. The Contractor must provide within their bid the length of time needed to mobilise and be fully operational from date of contract signature.