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ITB-PAL-0000058252: Construction of Main Influent Pressure Line from Existing GRP Pipe to KY WWTP
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Deadline :11-Feb-19
Posted on :24-Jan-19
Reference Number :52563
Link to Atlas Project :
00041529 - Construction of Sewage Treatment Plant in Khan Younis
Documents :
KY WWTP - ITB PAL-0000058252- Specification
KY WWTP - ITB PAL-0000058252- drawings
KY WWTP - ITB PAL- 0000058252 - Final BOQ- Protected
KY WWTP - ITB PAL- 0000058252 - Final BOQ
KY WWTP - ITB PAL-0000058252-Construction of Main Influent Pressure Line
KY WWTP - ITB PAL-0000058252-Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting - Addendum No 1
Overview :

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Bid to this Invitation to Bid (ITB) for the above-referenced subject.

This ITB includes the following documents and the General Terms and Conditions of Contract which is inserted in the Bid Data Sheet:

 Section 1: This Letter of Invitation

Section 2: Instruction to Bidders

Section 3: Bid Data Sheet (BDS)                                              

Section 4: Evaluation Criteria

Section 5: Statement of Works, General Technical Specifications and Drawings

Section 6: Returnable Bidding Forms

  • Form A: Bid Submission Form
  • Form B: Bidder Information Form
  • Form C: Joint Venture/Consortium/Association Information Form
  • Form D: Qualification Form
  • Form E: Format of Technical Bid
  • Form F: Price Schedule (Bill of Quantities)
  • Form G: Form of Bid Security.
  • Form H: Acknowledgement Letter

A pre-bid meeting will take place as per the following schedule:

Pre-bid meeting Date & Time

Site visit info

30 January 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Gathering will be at UNDPPAPP Gaza office. A site visit to the project site will follow the meeting.

Bidders are advised to attend the pre-bid meeting and site visit (on their own cost and responsibility). Arrangements have been made for site visit to be held as per above schedule containing date, time and location. Bidders will be required to sign an attendance form. Any clarifications or changes to the bid solicitation resulting from the site visit will be included as an amendment to the bid solicitation.

The pre-bid meeting minutes, and any further enquiries received on or before 1 February 2019, will be documented and the UNDP reply will be posted on the designated UNDP website on 4 February 2019. No inquiries will be accepted after 1 February 2019.

If you are interested in submitting a Bid in response to this ITB, please prepare your Bid in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this ITB and submit it by the Deadline for Submission of Bids set out in Bid Data Sheet.

Please acknowledge receipt of this ITB by sending an email to, indicating whether you intend to submit a Bid or otherwise. Should you require further clarifications, kindly communicate with the contact person/s identified in the attached Data Sheet as the focal point for queries on this ITB. 

UNDP looks forward to receiving your Bid and thank you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.

Sincerely yours,

Shehadeh Habash

Head of Procurement Unit