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Software Developer - Visuals
Procurement Process :Other
Office :Malawi Country Office - MALAWI
Deadline :28-Jan-19
Posted on :10-Jan-19
Reference Number :52594
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Software Developer - Visuals
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United Nations Development Programme is supporting the Government of Malawi through the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) which is under the office of the President in its efforts to coordinate the Disaster risk management Sector. Following the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals; Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the World Humanitarian summit and Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III, Malawi has embarked on the development agenda that is linking all these instruments towards resilience. A common denominator in these instruments and other multilateral agreements which Malawi has ratified, is a commitment towards risk informed development.  One of the areas where the DRM and humanitarian sector requires urgent attention is management of information for planning, analyzing trends and losses of lives and property, as well as reporting to global multilateral agreements which Malawi has ratified. Malawi has been maintaining a profile of incidents from 1945, however, gaps are still present in the profile to generate important analyses for planning. The absence of a credible system of generating, packaging and analyzing information and data on DRM, resilience and humanitarian work, it is difficult to have risk informed planning to meet the development needs of the country. As part of strengthening information management system, services of a Consultant to perform functions of Software Developer (Mobile Applications and Visuals are sought to support work of maintaining the information management system.