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Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :20-Feb-19
Posted on :06-Feb-19
Reference Number :53172
Link to Atlas Project :
00105411 - Strengthening Rule of Law & Enhancing Justice
Documents :
TOR for Policing Specialist
Overview :

The individual consultant will be responsible to complete the following actions:

·  Prepare and share a work plan with clear deliverables and activities;

·  Hold a national level consultation with the Inspector General of Police (IGP);

·  Conduct a desk review of the available records, data, strategies, work plans, studies and other documents, which may help in correctly analyzing the existing rule of law situation and development of a community policing strategy;

·  Hold meetings and conduct in-depth interviews with key members and representatives of the rule of law and justice institutions;

·  Hold meetings and conduct in-depth interviews with civil society, with particular attention to women (as users and providers of informal and formal justice services), juveniles in conflict with the law and other vulnerable or disempowered groups within the country (such as the elderly);

·  Coordinate with the experts on gender, child justice and law enforcement agencies;

·  Coordinate with UNDP teams on Transitional Justice, SSR as well as other international partners on policing matters;

·  Present /share findings of the consultations, interviews and desk review with the UNDP, The GPF and other relevant counterparts;

·  Submit (1) draft community policing strategy and (2) draft community policing implementation plan to the UNDP, GPF and relevant counterparts;

·  Conduct a workshop with all relevant stakeholders to present (1) draft community policing strategy and (2) draft community policing implementation plan;

·  Address comments, issues in the report highlighted during the review; and

·  Submit final (1) community policing strategy and (2) community policing implementation plan for the endorsement of UNDP and the Gambia Police Force.