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Roster: Procurement Consultant BMS/UNDP
Procurement Process :Other
Deadline :21-Feb-19
Posted on :11-Feb-19
Reference Number :53208
Link to Atlas Project :
00039741 - Establishment of Roster for FSO Recruitment
Overview :

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Central Procurement Unit (CPU) provides procurement support services for UNDP business units by centrally coordinating all procurement transactions over $5K. It serves the following Central Bureaus (CBx): BMS, BPPS, CB and BERA, ensuring cost and time efficiency, required compliance and added value to clients.

Those CBx identify procurement needs and make decisions, while CPU provides procurement services and guides the client through the process and decides on the best sourcing strategy. Routing procurement requests through CPU will lead to a quicker turn-around time, and a higher quality, cost effective outcome.

The objective of this vacancy is to build a Roster of professionals to facilitate the possibility of fast-track and immediate engaging of rostered and pre-selected individuals under the External Consultancy contract modality once needed.

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Best regards,

Central Procurement Unit