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Recruitment of a Consultant Firm to Perform a Mapping and Needs assessment for Incubators/Accelerators in Rwanda
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :Kigali - RWANDA
Deadline :26-Aug-19
Posted on :23-Jul-19
Reference Number :57779
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Non-UNDP Project
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Overview :

The consultancy firm will be in charge of collecting baseline data (both qualitative and quantitative) about incubators and accelerators in Rwanda. The firm will map all incubators in Rwanda and compile the data into a detailed report and presentation describing the needs of existing business incubators/accelerators in Rwanda. This study aims to build a comprehensive dataset/ conduct a comprehensive mapping exercise which may be used to assess the contribution of Business incubators/accelerators towards youth employability skills and entrepreneurship[1]. The data will be used to evaluate the incubation status, the needs, audience, and impact of incubators, as well as inform decision-making processes for provisions of support to various incubators.


[1] While developing questionnaire/assessment these Eight business incubation success factors which are worldwide document should be considered:

  • The purpose and the mission of the incubator: Incubators are established for different purposes from transfer of technology to job creation.
  • Incubators should set clear selection, entry, and exit criteria
  • Incubator managers should be qualified, preferably with a business experience
  • Monitoring firms is essential for success
  • Services that are provided by the incubator should be strategically selected
  • Intangible services are much more important than tangible services
  • Networking adds value only if it is a deliberate strategy