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Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Office :UNDP Country Office - TANZANIA
Deadline :19-Sep-19
Posted on :14-Aug-19
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :58074
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00048831 - Common Services Premises
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Project title: Provision of Package Services, including cleaning and janitorial services, emptying of office/kitchen waste bins and maintenance of green areas to Premises of United Nations Organizations based in Tanzania. This TOR is applicable to UN Agencies in Tanzania including but not limited to UNDP, WFP, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNCDF, WHO, FAO, UNFPA and ILO.

A.        Project Description 

a)       The UN House main building has 5 floors with 5 distinct houses 4 within compound 1 and 1 within compound 2. The UN houses about 100+ staff members with a compound 1 and 2 area of 4000m and 6000m respectively. The UN House has an estimated floor area of 3510m with most of its windows fabricated with glass.

b)      As the context of the required contracting of services is cleaning and gardening services, the contractor must be conversant with such kind of works and knowledgeable of standards and requirements in this context.

c)       It is emphasized that the purpose of the work is to provide a clean working environment, therefore utmost care and professionalism must be exercised not to cause harm or impediment to those using the escape ladder by flaw in design/construction as per project context. 

d)      This project is peculiar in its setting/work required as there are security risks involved if not done properly. The escape route can be used to access the building and expose UN assets to unauthorized persons.

B.              Scope of Work

a)       Daily cleaning

·         General cleaning services of the offices, conference facilities, libraries and other existing facilities and surroundings.

·         Cleaning the inner and outer vehicle parking yards including canopies and pavements.

·         Provide cleaning equipment’s and other facilities (squeezers, brooms, scrubbing machine. etc.)

·         Sweeping and mopping all floors including Staircase, Corridors and open areas.

·         Emptying all types of office solid wastes, including waste paper baskets, shredders and washing or wiping them. Remove garbage from office dust bins and dispose of it appropriately (recycling of waste paper is preferred option.

·         Provide handy man for moving of furniture’s, equipment and other luggage, offloading and uploading

·         Provide handwash liquid soap and other toiletries (Window cleaner, air fresheners, air fresheners dispensers and Toilet balls).

·         Dusting, cleaning, washing, disinfecting all areas, including offices, toilets, bathrooms, tea rooms, mailing centre, floors, carpets, fixtures, curtains, corridors and grills, etc.

·         Sweeping, dusting and vacuum cleaning all types of floors, carpeting and floor mats                      in the designated areas.

·         Dusting and cleaning all furniture (including desks, chairs, computer tables, telephone tables, bookshelves with or without glass doors, coat racks, framed pictures, maps, posters, telephones, lamps and other common items found in an office environment).

·         Thorough cleaning of all types of toilet facilities including toilets, sinks, baths, shower pans, taps, faucets, mirrors and all types of tiles.

·         Cleaning all offices/rooms and making sure to maintain hygienic environment.

·         Removing any marks or fingerprints from walls, doors, door frames, radiators, windows and window frames, glass desk protector, reception booths and partitions.

·         Collecting and cleaning cups, saucers; crockery, cutlery, flasks, kettles and related equipment.

Weekly cleaning

·         Cleaning the windows and frames.

·         Scrubbing staircases and corridors.

·         Cleaning lights, fittings and fans.

·         Hovering and washing office carpets.

·         Polishing all surfaces, such as brass surfaces including doors and furniture.

·         Dusting tops of tall furniture, tops of picture frames, lights, fittings and fans.

·         Spot cleaning boards and walls.

·         Spot waxing, polishing and disinfecting telephones.

·         Washing carpets, shampooing the carpets after every three months.

·         Dusting window sills, blinds and canopies from outside.

·         Cleaning shutters as required.

·         Cleaning canopies from outside.

Monthly Cleaning:

·         Cleaning major appliances inside and out including vacuuming dust

·         Wiping window blinds with a damp cloth to ensure that all smudges are removed.

·         Cleaning inside window glass and sash (frames).

·         Moving all furniture and vacuuming.

·         Scrubbing and polishing parquet and terrazzo floors.

·         Cleaning and polishing floors under furniture.

·         Wiping window blinds with a damp cloth.

Quarterly Cleaning:

·        General washing, cleaning and shampooing the carpets, steaming chairs, removing stains from carpets and sofa sets and chairs.

Garden, indoor and outdoor plant maintenance:

·        Watering grass and plants, daily.

·        Replacement of indoor/outdoor plants as and where required.

·        Putting fertilizer in plants/flowers indoor and outdoor, once every three months.

·        Shortening the grass and pruning trees, daily.

·        Watering indoor plants, daily.

C.      Institutional Arrangement

a)          The contractor must be in constant contact with Logistics office

D.      Duty Station

a)       The location of the UN House is in Dar es salaam, plot 182 Mzinga Way, Oyster Bay. It is expected that the contractor is also based in Dar es salaam. Location for the rest of UN Agencies are well articulated in form F

  E.          Expected Outputs

a)       Clean, Hygiene and healthy office premises with beautiful gardens and plants

b)      Conducive office environment

Additional requirements

·           Bidders must provide pension scheme.

·           Bidders are encouraged to provide medical coverage.

·           Bidders should indicate if they provide Maternity leave and the duration of the leave

·           Bidders should indicate if Breastfeeding time is provided for lactating mother and the terms and condition

·           Bidders should indicate if any Protective uniforms and equipment is provided

·           Bidders should indicate if they have Workman’s compensation

For further details please see the attached ITB.