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Call for Proposal Advancing Reconciliation
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP OFFICE on behalf of UNWOMEN - LIBERIA
Deadline :30-Aug-19
Posted on :06-Aug-19
Reference Number :58182
Link to Atlas Project :
00075749 - Support to National Peace and Reconciliation
Documents :
Call for Proposal
Overview :

Program/Project: With a view to advancing reconciliation processes in Liberia through the national law reform agenda and promoting parliamentary oversight, OHCHR, UNDP and UN Women as part of a joint project: Advancing Reconciliation through Legislative Reforms and Civic, funding by the Liberia Multi-Partner trust Fund (LMPTF) have agreed to put in place a comprehensive capacity development support programme targeting relevant legislative committees,[1] Legislative Drafting Bureau (LDB), Legislative Budget Office (LBO), Legislative Information Service (LIS) and the Law Reform Commission to strengthen their oversight functions and capacities to discharge their mandate in supporting legislative reforms and strategic actions to address conflict triggers.   Whilst at least sixteen (16) conflict factors have emerged in various policy related documents and conflict mapping reports, the need for strategic actions to improve national reconciliation, peace, social justice and legal reforms cannot be over-emphasised. At the same time, supporting the government to address the wanton disrespect and disregard for human rights, which has been flagged as a one of the key reasons that led Liberia to civil war (PRS page 24), promoting transitional justice processes especially related to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report as well as fostering civic engagement and participation through county consultations, remain indispensable. It is in this regard that this project takes a holistic approach to reconciliation by undertaken activities that bring together legislative, political, economic reforms, social justice and reconciliation.

Program official’s name:  Civic Engagement for Advancing Reconciliation through Legislative Reforms

[1]These include both the Leadership Committees, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, Caucuses and International Parliamentary Bodies in the Senate, and the Statutory Committees, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, Caucuses, and International Parliamentary Bodies in the House of Representative

Section 1 – CFP letter

UN WOMEN intends to engage Implementing Partners (Non-Governmental Organization, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Academic Organizations) as defined in accordance with these documents. UN WOMEN now invites sealed proposals from qualified proponents for providing the requirements as defined in the UNWOMEN Terms of Reference. Proposals must be received by UN WOMEN at the address specified not later than 5:00 PM Liberian time on 30 August, 2019.

This UN WOMEN Call for Proposals consists of six sections and a series of annexes that will be completed by proponents and returned withheir proposal:

CFP section 1:    CFP letter (this document) 

CFP section 2:    Proposal data sheet

CFP section 3:    Instructions to proponents

CFP section 4:    UNWOMEN Terms of Reference