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UNDP Africa Business for Development Map
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :26-Aug-19
Posted on :13-Aug-19
Reference Number :58340
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00110575 - Implementation of SDGs
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Overview :

The UNDP Africa Business for Development Map will be a series of visual interactive online tools designed to curate, connect and showcase the most innovative and African business ventures across a wide range of sectors and regions, both large and small scale. The map will feature large companies as well as SMEs and start-ups that can be identified as potentially transformative in development terms and possessive of one of the SDG development-goal oriented attributes. The map will be a definitive scalable guide for African businesses and investors to gain clarity on the types of companies currently making an impact across a range of sectors and countries. There will be a special focus on women and youth-oriented businesses.


The phase 1 project requires the mapping of at least 100 companies in each market that have the capability and/or resources most likely to have an influence and/or impact on wider development goals within the country in focus:


Specifically, this may include:

●     Large Companies with $25+m Turnover

○     Companies in this category will include both privately-owned companies, subsidiaries of Multinational Corporates and Publicly-listed entities


●     Start-Ups with innovative business models impacting their sector