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Communications Services for “Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA)”
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :10-Apr-13
Posted on :15-Mar-13
Reference Number :10927
Documents :
BTCA RFP_Main document
BTCA Section 9_Model Long Term Agreement
BTCA Section 10_Model Contract for Professional Services
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Overview :
The Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA) is a global initiative founded by Citi Foundation/Citigroup, Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Omidyar Network, USAID and Visa Inc. which aims to accelerate the shift from cash to electronic payments in order to advance financial inclusion, help people build savings and provide a more efficient, transparent and often safer means of disbursing payments. The UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) serves as secretariat for the BTCA.
The initiative provides programme partners with the expertise and resources they need to make the transition from cash to electronic payments and achieve the shared goals of empowering people and growing emerging economies. While physical cash payments are more effective than distributing in-kind goods, there is a grow­ing body of evidence that digitizing payments can create lasting benefits for people, communities and economies, such as cost savings, transparency, security, financial inclusion and, new market access.
Additionally, advances in communication technology and network capacities have led to innovative and target­ed ways of reaching even the most rural areas to use mobile devices, smart cards and other elec­tronic methods. While there are geographic regions and certain operations for which a transition is not yet possible, research suggests that billions in government funding, development assistance and private sector cash payments are potentially appropriate for the shift to electronic.
BTCA will advocate for and support the use of all forms of electronic pay­ments where they provide a superior payment option to cash, regardless of the particular technol­ogy or mode of transmission.
This solicitation is for a long-term agreement (LTA) for one year and renewable up to three years. An LTA is a mutual arrangement whereby the consultant/contractor will provide services as required, over a specific period of time. An LTA specifies the unit price, allowing for a framework agreement to be used when the consultant/contractor’s services are needed. LTAs do not require a financial commitment from UNCDF at the time the LTA is signed. Financial commitments will be established on an ad-hoc basis every time services are requested within the scope of the LTA and a Contract will be issued.
The Advocacy and communication activities of BTCA involve several aspects, each requiring different skills and expertise:
Batch 1 - Media placement of BTCA key messages and Media relationship
Batch 2 - Content production
Batch 3 - Events organization
Batch 4 - Graphic Design
Batch 5 - Web Development
The components of the call for proposals can be bid separately or as a whole.