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BIH/RFQ-022-17 Construction works in 5 MZs (Biberovo Polje, Međiđa Donja, Mionica I, Sibovac and Vida I) in municipality of Gradačac
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline :29-Mar-17
Posted on :15-Mar-17
Reference Number :36371
Link to Atlas Project :
00080522 - Municipal Economic and Environmental Governance
Documents :
RFQ 022-17 Construction works Gradacac 5 MZ
Procurement Notice BIH-RFQ-022-17 MZ -5 MZ Gradacac
Idejni projekat MZ Mionica I
Idejni projekat MZ Medjidja Donja
Idejni projekat MZ Biberovo polje
BoQ MZ Vida I
BoQ MZ Sibovac
BoQ MZ Mionica I igraliste
BoQ MZ Medjidja Donja
BoQ MZ Biberovo polje
Overview :

This service will be delivered within the Strengthening the Role of Local Communities/Mjesne zajednice (MZs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Project. The project “Strengthening the Role of Local Communities/MZs in BiH” is a joint initiative of the Governments of Switzerland and Sweden jointly financed by the Government’s of Switzerland and Sweden, and it is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDP BiH).



All legal entities that are registered and interested in the provision of the abovementioned works are invited to obtain bidding documents and to submit their bids for:


Construction works in 5 MZs in municipality of Gradacac




Bidding documents will be available at web address:



or upon request through E-mail to:

Note: Request for RFQ-BIH/022-17



All tenders must be submitted latest by Wendsday, 14:00, March 29, 2017