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BIH-ITB-015-18 EE Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works on nine Public Buildings in BiH
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Deadline :30-Aug-18
Posted on :09-Aug-18
Reference Number :48878
Link to Atlas Project :
00048025 - Mainstreaming Green Environmental Development
Documents :
Procurement Notice BIH-ITB-015-18.doc
Annex I - LOT 1 - BoQ.xls
Annex I - LOT 2 - BoQ.xls
Annex I - LOT 3 - BoQ.xlsx
Annex I - LOT 4 - BoQ.xlsx
Annex I - LOT 5 - BoQ.xlsx
Annex I - LOT 6 - BoQ.xlsx
Annex II Gantogram.xlsx
ITB-015-18 GED Rehabilitation works on 9 public buildings in BiH.docx
Information related to LOT 3 of BIH-ITB-015-18.pdf
Letter on cancellation of LOT 4 of ITB-015-18 .pdf
Consolidated Reply to clarification requests for ITB-015-18.pdf
Additional Information related to LOT 3 of BIH-ITB-015-18.pdf
Annex I - LOT 3 - BoQ Corrected.xlsx
Overview :

Invitation to Bid


Part of the Green Economic Development programme’s efforts is to enhance the energy efficiency and renewable energy sources recognized as single most powerful and cost-effective way to achieve goals of increased security of energy supply and climate change mitigation. Considering that it is a main pillar of energy strategies worldwide therefore energy efficiency is a strategic priority for UNDP in BiH and priority for the next programming cycle.

All legal entities that are registered and interested in the provision of the abovementioned works are invited to obtain bidding documents and to submit their bids for:

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works- EE rehabilitation works on 9 public buildings in BiH

Bidding documents will be available every working day at:


UN House, Zmaja od Bosne bb


at web addresss:

or upon request through E-mail to:  

Note: request for BIH/ITB/015/18 documents.


All tenders must be submitted no later than 30th August, 2018 (Thursday) at 12.00h CET to the above mentioned address.