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IC Individual Consultant (IC) for Consultancy to finalize the Biodiversity Expenditure Review (BER) report and the Biodiversity Finance Needs Assessment (BFNA) Report
Procurement Process :Other
Deadline :12-Nov-18
Posted on :05-Nov-18
Development Area :OTHER
Reference Number :51275
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00102700 - Environment and Climate change response
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Individual Consultant to finalize the Biodiversity Expenditure Review (BER) report and the Biodiversity Finance Needs Assessment (BFNA) Report
Overview :

The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) project supports countries to develop a sound business case for increased investment in the sustainable management, protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems in an equitable manner. Through a series of assessments and the development of a finance plan, BIOFIN guide countries to assess biodiversity expenditures, finance needs, management challenges, and to mobilize financial resources to ensure that the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) is successfully implemented.

With the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Botswana is one of the countries implementing the BIOFIN project. It is therefore carrying out a series of studies with the following goals:

  1. o analyze the impacts of current policies, institutions and expenditure, and to identify opportunities to mainstream biodiversity considerations into economic sectors and development planning, in order to reduce the pressures exerted by the drivers of biodiversity loss and to achieve improved cost-effectiveness.


  1.  To undertake a comprehensive assessment of current funding and future needs to achieve the NBSAP Targets, following the questions: (a) What are the cost coefficients of basic biodiversity management functions? What are opportunities and barriers to improve cost-effectiveness? (b) How much would it cost to remove the above barriers? (c) What financing is hence required to meet national targets set in terms of the global biodiversity targets adopted under the new CBD Strategic Plan for the period 2011-2020?


  1.  To roll out appropriate national-level biodiversity financing strategies and mechanisms through which countries can identify, access, combine and sequence multiple sources of environmental and development finance for meeting their biodiversity needs and achieving the NBSAP and CBD’s Aichi Targets.


Currently the draft Policy and Institutional Review, Biodiversity Expenditure review and the Finance needs assessment are done but not to the standard expected. Therefore, the project requires the services to improve and complete the BER and BFNA to the expected standard as articulated in the scope of work below.