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UNDP Expression of interest : Gender Mainstreaming/ Gender Based Violence
Procurement Process :EOI - Expression of interest
Office :Mauritius, RBA - MAURITIUS
Deadline :31-May-19
Posted on :10-May-19
Reference Number :55572
Link to Atlas Project :
00102319 - Inclusive Development and Public Sector Efficiency
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EOA-Gender Mainstreaming/ Gender Based Violence
Overview :

 Expression of interest

Focal Area: Gender Mainstreaming/ Gender Based Violence


UNDP Mauritius invites interested companies/consultants to apply on the following:


Summary of proposal:


The UNDP has a long history of extending technical and financial support to the Government of Mauritius to mainstream gender issues in the overall political, economic and social landscape of the island.  In that respect, at the State level, since its country presence, the UNDP has been actively engaged in working with the Government of Mauritius to keep pushing the gender agenda forward. The UNDP recognizes that sustainable development can only be achieved if the practical and strategic needs of women form an integral part of policies and programmes of Government. Gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment remain an essential component of Pillar 1 of the UNDP Country Programme 2017-2020 “Inclusive Development and Public Sector Efficiency. Subsequently, Pillar 2 of our Country Programme also addresses the challenges to gender equality under Climate Change and Sustainable Development. To that effect, a number of gender mainstreaming initiatives have been implanted both at the level of the Country Office, and in favor of Government, through recruiting technical assistance from Consultants. Concurrently, the three-year Strategic Plan of Government entitled “Pursuing our Transformative Journey” (2019/20-2020/21) has identified gender equality as one of the top ten priorities of Government and has highlighted a number of activities to speed up national commitments into action.


In this context, the UNDP is inviting interested Consultants/Companies to submit an Expression of Interest in a bid to furthering support at the national level to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality


The Contractor shall provide the following goods/services:

  • Building the capacity of stakeholders of the National Gender Machinery on gender based violence
  • Handholding major stakeholders towards the institutionalization and operationalization of gender based violence initiatives and achievements of specific outputs as identified by the Lead Agency of the National Gender Machinery, as well as through the use of digital technology/ online information systems
  • Extending technical assistance to the National Gender Machinery in terms of the implementation of rehabilitation programmes of perpetrators of domestic violence underpinned by unequal gendered power dynamics, including advising on referral pathways in line with best practices
  • Training of Members of the Judiciary, Members of the Legislature and the Executive on Gender Based Violence
  • Providing technical assistance on gender mainstreaming strategies, including the formulation of gender sensitive indicators for monitoring and evaluation within the whole policy formulation and implementation cycle, gender analysis and gender impact assessments
  • Extending technical assistance to review policies/plans of Government from a gender sensitive lens
  • Formulation of sectoral gender policies and costed action plans, including gender sensitive key performance indicators
  • Formulation of specific gender sensitive indicators in the Social Register Mechanism
  • Capacity enhancement on gender responsive budgeting and formulation of gender budget statements and gender mainstreaming within the Budget Call Circular
  • Devising awareness raising strategies and other Information, Educational and Communication Materials to sensitize individuals (women/men/girls and boys) at the grass-roots level on the gender concept including gendered socialization processes
  • Building capacity of Members of the Parliamentary Gender Caucus and sectoral Gender Focal Points on the role of Parliament towards lobbying and advocacy on gender matters in line with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
  • Carrying out of national level gender assessments of policies/plans and/or undertaking sector specific studies to build baseline data




Outputs for the Republic of Mauritius include-

  • A Reduction in reported cases of Gender-Based Violence in the Republic of Mauritius
  • At least 30% of Perpetrator of Domestic Violence rehabilitated
  • 100% of Members of Parliamentary Gender Caucus trained on gender mainstreaming strategies
  • 100% of Ministries having formulated their Sectoral Gender Policies
  • Implementation of at least 30% of CEDAW Concluding Comments at the level of the Executive and the Legislature
  • Establishment of a coordinated approach to addressing Gender-Based Violence in Mauritius, through the use of Information Technology, namely the Domestic Violence Online Information System
  • 100% of Members of the Parliamentary Gender Caucus trained on the implementation of the CEDAY Concluding Comments (November 2018)
  • 100% of Project Implementation at the level of the UNDP Mauritius Country Office done through a gender sensitive lens through the formulation of sectoral action plans
  • Implementation of the UNDP Mauritius Gender Equality Strategy
  • Targeted actions towards vulnerable recipients of the Social Register Mechanism


Outcomes for the Republic of Mauritius and UNDP Country Office include-

  • Increase public sector efficiency
  • Enhanced Capacity of Stakeholders of the National Gender Machinery for substantive gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment through the formulation of gender sensitive policies
  • A strengthened overall Gender Management System with coordination at the level of the legislature and Executive
  • Implementation of
  • A participatory approach to policy formulation taking into consideration practical and strategic needs of individuals at the grass-roots/community level through gender sensitive policies
  • Effective Implementation of the UNDP Country Office Gender Equality Strategy
  • A gender sensitive Social Register Mechanism taking into consideration the needs of vulnerable groups including female heads of households



Eligibility criteria


List of attributes


Degree in International Relations/ Human Rights

BA or higher

Degree in Social Science/ Humanities

BA or higher from a recognised Institution with at least 10 years working experience in the civil service/ grass-roots level or in the private sector

Degree in Political Science

MA or higher

Degree in Gender/Women’s Studies

MA or higher.

Phd holders desirable but not imperative

Degree in Communications

MA or higher

Degree in Economics/ Finance

MA or higher with specialization in Gender Studies

Degree in Social Work

BA or higher with Proven working experience in offender’s rehabilitation programme for Domestic violence and courts systems in countries of best practices

Degree in Legal Studies

MA or higher

Degree in Statistics

BA or higher with proven 10 years of experience in formulation of statistical frameworks

Project Management Skills

Diploma or Higher

Change Management Skills

Certification from a Recognised Institution


(Only short-listed Consultants shall be considered for the bid solicitation – Technical and Financial Proposals)


Submission details


What to submit (Curicullum Vitae, List of 3 referees)

How to submit (

- When to submit (deadline=> Expression of interest and statements of qualification must be delivered to the email address above by 31  May 2019)

- Other relevant details - List of publications, if applicable


Interested Consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (Description of similar assignments, experience in similar working environments, availability of appropriate inter-personal skills; excellent communication in English; Working knowledge of French desirable but not essential). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications.


Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedure set out in the UNDP Procurement Guidelines and UNDP Financial Rules and Regulations.


The EOI and accompanying documents must be received at the UNDP procurement email by midnight 31 May 2019 (Mauritius time) with clearly labeled subject “EOI: Gender Mainstreaming/ Gender Based Violence” and a motivational letter to address the specific expertise of the Applicant.


Documents sent by individual e-mail or facsimile will not be accepted. EOI received after the above deadline will not be considered.


EOI from Applicant failing to provide the requested information will be disregarded. Invitations to bid and any subsequent purchase order will be issued in accordance with the rule and procedures of UNDP


This EOI does not entail any commitment on the part of UNDP, either financial or otherwise. UNDP reserve the right to accept or reject any or all EOI without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant/s of the grounds.


Interested consultants may obtain further information at the below address.


Contact Details:

  1. Ms. Renooka Beejan

      Head, Socio Economic Development Unit

UNDP Mauritius


  1. Dr. Anjalee Dabee

UNDP National Gender Expert

UNDP Mauritius