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ETH0610-Web hosting Services for National Election Board of Ethiopia NEBE);
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country office - ETHIOPIA
Deadline :26-Aug-19
Posted on :01-Aug-19
Reference Number :58032
Link to Atlas Project :
00103024 - Governance and Democratic Participation Programme
Documents :
Terms of Reference
ETH 0610 Web Hosting Services NEBE-PDF
ETH 0610 Web Hosting Services NEBE-Word
Overview :

Dear Valued Vendors,

Please find here below provided a technical clarification for your considerations during proposal preparation

Best Regards,

1 .  Please provide the current website details number of pages, design, documents to be considered for migration?

The initial launch of the website is expected to have around 30 pages. It will also have many law, policy and regulation documents which will be downloaded from the server. Please keep in mind that we will not migrate any document or pages from the old website rather, a fresh new website is being developed and will be hosted up on completion. The only thing we need from the old host is the domain ( which will be transferred from the old to the new web host. The web host need to provide unlimited size for creation of pages and documents.

2.       How many domain, sub-domains, SSL certifications are to be considered for migration ?

For the time being we will transfer the domain from the old host but sub domains will be created under this domain later in time. SSL certification must be immediately considered for the parent domain. For the child domains, the host must keep in mind that sub domain SSL certification must be provided upon request.

3.       Is UNDP fine with hosting infrastructure on cloud (such as AWS, Azure) or it has to be on Dedicated standalone servers ? YES

Yes, this is fine

4.       Can the hosting be done outside of Ethiopia – from US, Europe or India ? YES


5.       Do you have any example of heat mapping to be considered ?

As the old website is not functional and we are about to come with the new one we don't have a heat mapping ready but we would like to have a heat map on to know where goes the attention of or visitors so that we can improve our site.

6.       On the new platform, do we need to redesign the website ? NO

They don't need to redesign the site, it's under construction as we speak but they are required to enhance the security and suggest improvements.

7.       Is graphics design part of the scope ? NO request received from NEBE to this end

I think it's good they brought this thing up at this point as we have a gap in graphics design. if it doesn't affect the nature of the contract significantly, we would love to have the service as part of the package.

8.       Can the project implementation be done on an onsite-offshore  model  with Ethiopia as Onsite and Mumbai, India as offshore? 

Yes. We expect the implementation to be mostly offshore unless there is a very specific requirement to be onsite.

9.       Is it right to consider that 24/7 technical/help desk support will be required for 2 & half year ? YES

24/7 support is a must 2 months before the election and 2 months after the election otherwise, a support team that's dedicated to NEBE that can respond quickly to our needs to be in place.

10.    We request you to provide an extension of 10 Business days from the current date of submission. Also confirm the timeline for the bid submission.

We don’t have any convincing reason to extend the proposal submission date.

11.    Is cloud hosting experience part of the evaluation?

Please refer to the RFP Document.

12.   What is the expected model of the project Onsite/offshore?

Please refer #8

13.   With reference to one of the criteria’s laid out…Proven experience of web hosting and support in the international sector (The company must demonstrate in the form of a reference letter from three (3) clients, preferably from the following categories: IGO, Government agencies that they have supported and delivered web hosting and system related services for no less than eight (8) years); (15%) – We request UNDP team to relax the evaluation criteria for Proven experience of web hosting and support in the International sector by providing 3 client reference of Non Profitable UN bodies?

The criteria can’t change.


ToRs for website hosting services for NEBE

The National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is the appointed government agency which is mandated to oversee and supervise the national elections in Ethiopia. The NEBE is seeking a company to, without prejudice host, maintain and secure its websites offshore and to provide a service which upholds its integrity.

The current websites and those that the NEBE is wanting to develop will require that the service provider ensures that the migration is seamless and in line with a Service Level as set out in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is to include web site maintenance, server security, system redundancy and rapid scalability. 

The websites are a primary means by which information is captured, collated and disseminated to various stakeholders. With an estimate of 450,000 monthly views during pre-election and 2 million visits during election & Result announcement, the websites allow both public and private users to subscribe, view and download current as well as archived content which the NEBE is required to do so in line with its mandate.

NEBE seeks to acquire the professional web hosting services of a company to host its open source platforms for a period of two and a half years. The NEBE in intrusting its webservices to a company strives to cultivate a vibrant community that will support, guide and strengthen the development of democracy in Ethiopia.

Overview :

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites interested and eligible firms to submit their technical and Financial Proposals for Consultancy Service for  WEB HOSTING SERVICES FOR NATIONAL ELECTORIAL BOARD OF ETHIOPIA (NEBE).

Bidders can dowload the RFP Document and the ToR from the link: Bidders should submit their Finacial and Technical proposals in accordance with RFP requirements, through:

In the course of preparing and submitting  prposals, it shall remain the bidders' responsibility to ensure that it is submitted into the secured email address ( dedicated for this purpose on or before August 26,2019 at 5:00pm East African Time. 

Kindly ensure that supporting documents required are signed and stamped and in the .pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files. The File name should contain only Latin characters (No Cyrillic or other alphabets).




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