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Monitoring Agent Services
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - AFGHANISTAN
Deadline :13-Jun-12
Posted on :31-May-12
Reference Number :8988
Documents :
2012_005 Monitoring Agent Services
2012_005 Preventive Audit Services (Monitoring Agent)\2012_005 Monitoring Agent Services - Pre-proposal Conference
Overview :
Dear Sir/Madam,
Subject: RFP No. UNDPAFG/2012/005 Monitoring Agent Services
1.      You are requested to submit a proposal for Monitoring Agent Services under UNDP/Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme (APRP), as per enclosed Terms of Reference (TOR).
2.      All proposals are subject to the Instructions to Offerors and such other provisions, specifications and instructions as are attached or incorporated herein by reference (hereinafter collectively called " Request for Proposal” or “RFP"). Solicitation documents hereunder include:
               i.        Instructions to Offerors                                (Annex I)
             ii.        General Conditions of Contract                    (Annex II)
           iii.        Terms of Reference (TOR)                            (Annex III)
           iv.        Bid Data Sheet                                              (Annex IV)
             v.        Proposal Submission Form                            (Annex V)
           vi.        Price Schedule                                               (Annex VI)
         vii.        Acknowledgement Letter                              (Annex VII)
       viii.        Technical Form                                              (Annex VIII)
           ix.        Model Contract form                                     (Annex IX)
3.      To enable you to submit a proposal, your offer comprising the Technical Proposal and the Financial Proposal, in separate sealed envelopes should reach the following address no later than Wednesday, 13 June 2012 at 11:00 hours Kabul time.
Address:                      United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Shah Mahmood Ghazi Watt
Kabul, Afghanistan
Attention                     Supply Chain Management Office (SCMO)
4.      Interested parties are welcome to send any queries they may have with regard to this RFP through email The procuring UNDP entity will respond in writing to any request for clarification of the Solicitation Documents that it receives earlier than one week prior to the deadline for the submission of Proposals.
5.      Your submission will be considered upon the provision with this RFP the following, failure in providing the requested documents may ground for disqualification of the Offeror.
5.1 Profile of the company: Giving a brief description of the company 
5.1.1 Details of years in business: The company must provide documents on years of experience
5.2 Other Reference Documents:
5.2.1 List of Key Employees & Qualifications: The company must provide a list of employee(s) who will actually perform the services. The list shall include, name, task to be performed, qualifications, number of years experience performing the task and photocopies of any relevant education documents which are relevant to the services to be provided. 
5.2.3 Bank Credit Reference: The eligible Bidder must include a credit reference issued by reputable, internationally recognized bank.
5.2.4 Licenses: licenses held by employees
6.      The recipients of this RFP are requested to acknowledge receipt of this solicitation document and any amendments thereto to UNDP Afghanistan by completing the Annex VII acknowledgement letter. The acknowledgement letter must be signed stamped and should be sent via email to five days after receipt of this RFP.
7.      A Pre-Proposal meeting will be held on Wednesday, 06 June 2012 at (10:00am Kabul Local Time) through Skype, to familiarize the Offerors with the requirements.
The representatives of the Offerors are requested to confirm their willingness to attend the meeting through Skype by sending email to The representatives of the Offerors are requested to send their Skype ID to the above mentioned email address at least 24 hours before the pre-proposal meeting.
8.      UNDP reserves the right to enter into contract with more than one company.
Yours sincerely,
Supply Chain Management Office (SCMO)
UNDP Afghanistan