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UNDP-AFG-00257 Installation of Solar Street Lights in Jalalabad city
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Deadline :13-Sep-23 @ 09:30 AM (New York time)
Published on :30-Aug-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-AFG-00257
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Introduction :

Project Name:       Installation of Solar Street Lights in Jalalabad city (poles 194 & lights 316)

Project Location:  Jalalabad city in 3 locations (From Chok-e Talashi to the direction of the Airport 81 poles, From            Chok-e-Talashi to Angor bagh chok 68 poles and From Shenren Dil plaza to Laghman hada chok 45 poles. The distance between each pole is 25m) in Nangarhar Province.

1.              Background:

With the current political instability, economic volatility, the collapse of basic services, the uncertainty over continued international aid as a source of revenue, the disruptions to trade and finance, and the impacts of climate change on food production, the risks faced by the poor are becoming more intense and less predictable. It is estimated that as of August 2021, over half a million people have already been displaced by conflict, and thousands more affected by natural disasters. Up to 30 percent of the population is projected to be in either a food security crisis or emergency by the end of the year[1], and half of all children under five are already severely malnourished. 

An innovative, inclusive, and highly flexible approach is needed, one that put people first, targets the most vulnerable, and meets local needs by focusing on saving lives and livelihoods. UNDP is, therefore, adopting a highly integrated yet decentralized approach to programming known as the Area-based Approach for Socio-Economic Recovery and Community Resilience in Afghanistan (known as the ABADEI Program).

ABADEI is centered on addressing worsening poverty and vulnerability, supporting community resilience and social cohesion, and enabling the rehabilitation of small-scale critical infrastructure for essential needs while creating immediate sources of income through cash-for-work and agriculture infrastructure that are under threat, due to crisis, climate change and economic collapse.


The contractor (who must have a business license with relevant years of experience in the subject project) will be responsible for (the solar system all-in-one for the commercial area) project with the required activities as per the design and its specifications. The contractor must get the certification of materials, i.e., Lamp, Solar Panel, Batter, cement, gravel, sand, water, steel bar, and all (solar system all in one for the commercial area) required materials from the technical team using construction of (solar system all in one for the commercial area). The same, contractor must provide a sample of materials and get it certified by UNDP before delivery on the site for construction. For further clarification, the contractor has to deliver all the material based on the technical specifications of the project.

2.                       The main purpose of street lights is as below:

The main purpose of this project is to provide a safe and secure environment for all city residents.        

such as shopkeepers, customers, and sportsmen and to provide solar lighting to build a regular space with a solar system. To save the people of the commercial area from trouble at night so can easily buy and sell. To be light at night commercial area and its address should be seen able from a distance.

Assist drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists in finding their way in the dark. Help drivers be vigilant and alert them of possible hazards. Increase visibility and promote road safety. Discourage violence and reduce crime. Create a mood or a pleasant environment in business districts.

overall, all residents of the city and other vulnerable populations specifically SMEs. The design of these measures has also considered the special needs of these marginalized groups and made special arrangements to include people from all backgrounds. To achieve this, the project conducted surveys and interviews during the design stage to understand the challenges marginalized groups face and discover the best ways to overcome them together with the beneficiaries. The project during implementation will continue to pay particular attention to the involvement of marginalized groups and address their needs along the way. As the project is titled street lights for Jalalabad city," it focuses to install street lights in Jalalabad city in three locations (From Chok-E-Talashi to Airport direction it will cover 2025m in 81 poles, From Chok-E-Talashi to Angor bagh Chok it will cover 1700 m in 68 poles and From Sheren Dil Plaza to Laghman hada it will cover 1125m in 45 poles, which includes all residents of the city.

The contractor is supposed to complete the construction of (the solar system all in one for the commercial area) within 6 months from the contract signing date as per the work plan provided. Solar Panel Cleaning: 1-time/month (one team of 30 solar panels will be cleaned per day) for one year is required.  In case of any defect in the quality of constructed materials or installed equipment, the contractor will be responsible for reconstruction without payment of any additional cost. Contractor will be responsible for Operation and Maintenance of the key solar Lightning system components (Solar Light, Solar Panel and Battery) for 12 months after completion of the project.

After the complete delivery, the contractor should get the certification of 100% successful completion of the work from UNDP. This certification along with other approval must be attached to the invoice.


UNDP should pay the contractor as per the UN Payment terms and conditions. This means the payment will be released in one installment as the final payment based on the actual service.

100% successfully provided and certified by UNDP-authorized officials. Extra payment out of the contracted obligation amount may not be accepted.

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