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Provisions of Environmental Impact Assessment Consultancy Services For The Const
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :17-Sep-23 @ 05:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :30-Aug-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-JOR-00168
Contact :PRC-UNDP-JOR -

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Introduction :

The "Mitigating Climate Change through Solid Waste Management in Southern Jordan" project, is considered to be a new inspiration in solid waste treatment in Jordan, based on the successful models already implemented by UNDP with the support from the Government of Canada in northern Jordan and other similar models worldwide. The project takes into account the local context of the target area in the south and the different technical (amount and type of wastes generated) and socioeconomic aspects. This project is built on the successes of the previous projects implemented in the North of Jordan.

This project is designed to address climate change mitigation measures in Jordan and particularly in the Southern Region of the country through controlling the impact of landfilling waste and introducing the circular and green economy instead, to create income generation opportunities and improve livelihood opportunities for the local community including women and youth. New business models will be introduced pursuing solutions for solid waste management under integrated approaches and employing the circular economy concept. It is anticipated that the present intervention will make a good contribution and complement earlier interventions by Canada and UNDP in the north and norther western Jordan to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) which Jordan has just submitted (the updated NDCs) to the UNFCCC on October 12, 2021. Furthermore, the present intervention is in line with the recently updated National Climate Change Policy where a set of mitigation Policies and Actions have been proposed to support the Mitigation Policy Statement of “towards achieving the vision of a net-zero carbon economy by 2050”. The “Promote a circular waste economy” is  one of the relevant policies proposed in the document and the  action under that policy was “enhance the national solid waste policy and strategic framework to develop a circular waste economy taking into account all waste management operations (e.g. reducing waste generation, reuse, sorting (at source and other), collection, transport, storage, recovery (materials and energy), recycling, treatment and environmentally-sound final disposal of waste, closure and subsequent follow-up on waste treatment facilities) at all fundamental principles (e.g. Prevention, Precautionary, Extended Responsibility, The Polluter Pays, Proximity, etc.).”

The different components proposed under this project are comprised of building infrastructure and operation, responding to socio-economic challenges, improving the livelihood of the community, awareness raising, establishing marketing channels, developing research (in collaboration with local and national universities). It is worth mentioning that the project’s design is flexible enough to accommodate any new relevant activities that may emerge during implementation, with a gender responsive approach.

The solid waste management issue, given that it has been a serious and key challenge to the country and to its national development agenda, has received a considerable attention from different donors and development agencies during the past ten years, however, due to the Syria crisis and the concentration of refugees in the northern governorates, most of that attention and funds have been focusing on the northern region. The project will target all possible genre of solid waste available in the targeted areas for operation of the compost plant. Under this consultancy service, the focus will be at the new proposed compost plant within the boundaries of the existing landfill in Ayl municipality.

In the framework of the current call, UNDP intends to hire a consultant to support the Project Team through the implementation of the development of Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the establishment and operation of a new composting plant. 

The EIA shall be undertaken in accordance to the Jordanian regulation 69/2020 for environmental permit and licensing, specifically annex II for the composting plant planned in Ayl existing landfill.

The EIA shall be implemented in accordance to national laws and regulations, and organized based on the standards identified Impact Assessment  Act of Canada. The laws and guidelines complement and interpret each other, and in case of discrepancy between these standards, the following order of priority is considered to define what is required; this ToR in addition to the valid national regulations, UNDP Social and Environmental Standards (SES), Canada Impact Assessment Act (IAA) the World Bank recommendations for the Review of Jordan’s Environment Impact Assessment System, the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) guidelines, and any other international best practices approved by the UNDP. A clear structure of the EIA report and table of content shall be approved by UNDP and shall be in accordance with the IAA best practices.

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