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Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Deadline :22-Sep-23 @ 04:08 AM (New York time)
Published on :30-Aug-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-SWZ-00035
Contact :Procurement Unit Eswatini -

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Introduction :

Country: Eswatini


Description of the Assignment: 

The main objective of the consultancy is to assist with the formulation and production of a full program Funding Proposal to the GCF under the supervision of the international counterpart. Working closely with the International Consultant, the National Consultant is required to assist in the GCF project formulation process in Eswatini.  The incumbent will be expected to contribute to the preparation of a GCF Compliant Project Proposals for Eswatini. This will include collaboration with the international consultant in the development of other relevant and supplementary documents (including feasibility assessment, investment appraisal, safeguards appraisal, gender analysis, procurement plans, and budget and workplan) to be developed and finalized for internal review and submission. 

The consultant’s main responsibilities are as follows:

Support coordination of inputs from national consultants and relevant stakeholders 

  1. Liaise with the relevant experts in Government, NGOs, CSOs, Private Sector, Development Partners to obtain critical input, including expert advice, information from relevant documents that can feed into the preparation of a feasibility assessment and proposal development;
  2. Synthesize key information from existing documents of relevance, given the scope of the intended project, that can then be used as input to the development of a feasibility assessment and proposal development;
  3. Organize discussions with key stakeholders (from the grass roots level to national policy makers and political leaders) based on series of consultations with stakeholders in order to acquire information that is critical for the design of the project.
  4. Liaise with and acquire technical inputs from UNDP staff, at the country, level, as deemed relevant for the design of the project of interest;
  5. Collate data received from consultations, discussion with stakeholders, ministries and UNDP to support the work of GCF project formulation technical expert;

Support development of the full proposal and all relevant documents associated with a submission

  1. Coordinate with experts and/or relevant persons to facilitate feasibility study, safeguards, gender, economic and financial analysis, the program log frame according to the targeted funds, and the child country project design, performance measurement framework and/or other prerequisite assessments required to develop the full proposal for the project of interest;
  2. Support the preparation of the program log frame with SMART indicators, clear targets, clarity of risks and assumptions, in keeping with the indicator framework for adaptation of the targeted source of financing;
  3. Assist with the development of the program proposal to prepare the full set of Annexes as part of the package for submission (with input from UNDP and Government stakeholder input);
  4. Assist with the development of a detailed budget for the project (with input from UNDP and Government stakeholder input) using UNDP tools and following UNDP practices;
  5. Work closely with other consultants and the CO/s to develop the procurement plan for the project, in accordance with UNDP’s rules and regulations;
  6. Work closely with the CO colleagues to present the implementation arrangements, in accordance with UNDP’s rules and regulations;
  7. Support the development of terms of references for key project positions in consultation with UNDP staff;
  8. Continue to support the project refinement process post submission of the proposal towards Board approval. 

Design project Concept and Proposal

  1. Support the international consultant to conduct technical analysis to flesh out project components and all technical sections, particularly 6 criteria elements of impact potential; paradigm shift potential; sustainable development; country needs; country ownership and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Support with background data to prepare the project log frame with well-defined indicators, targets, inputs and outputs;
  3. Support GCF project formulation technical expert with sufficient data to produce a draft feasibility report for the project concept based on the consultations, research and analysis conducted;
  4. Support GCF project formulation technical expert to undertake necessary consultations with relevant government agencies, stakeholders and experts to obtain comments/suggestions and incorporate these comments into the draft documents;
  5. Support GCF project formulation technical expert on outlining of financial structure of the project (with input from UNDP) and all main cost categories at the input level corresponding to all outcomes and outputs;
  6. Assist the UNDP country office with organizing and compiling information that will feed into the project development exercise;


Period of assignment/services: Up to 90 days 


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