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RFQ/JSB/2308/52 - Supply and Delivery of Solar Powered Appliances
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Deadline :27-Sep-23 @ 04:30 AM (New York time)
Published on :31-Aug-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-LKA-00181,2
Contact :procurement unit -

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Introduction :


Supply and Delivery of Solar Powered Appliances to small holder farmers. (RFQ/JSB/2308/52)

Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst economic crisis since its independence in 1948, with foreign currency reserves at a record low. In April 2022, repayment of foreign debt was suspended and import restrictions were imposed to manage the forex crisis, which exacerbated shortages in fuel, gas, food, and medicine and led to an increase in the cost of living by 30-40%. Higher costs & shortages of energy & fuel have significant implications on the livelihood security of the country’s farmer population, 27% of the workforce & more than 2.2 million people. Coupled with climate change impacts, agricultural production has deteriorated severely, affecting the food security of 6.3 million Sri Lankans.

In response, UNDP, with the technical and financial assistance of the Government of Japan, is planning to provide immediate crisis relief support which also has long term transformative implications through the introduction of modern, green technologies to marginalize farmer demographics in fragile settings, particularly the dry-zone farmland areas. The intervention will target smallholder farmers, especially women and youth, enabling them to secure a sustainable income. The Japanese Supplementary Budget (JSB) Assistance, through the proposed intervention, will contribute towards the achievement of livelihood, energy & food security, through the revival of the rural agricultural economy, by way of support to the adoption of modern, green agri-technologies for increased productivity & production efficiency. Smallholder farmer families will be supported directly, and vulnerable community members will benefit indirectly in the North-Western & Eastern Dry Zone Provinces.

The Renewable Energy Technology Appliances listed below are equipment intended to reduce energy costs through application of renewable energy technologies. These technologies are also expected to reduce dependency on grid energy, reduce the need for labour by introducing automation, and improve working conditions of small holder farmers in the North-Western and Eastern Provinces.

Training on operation and maintenance shall be carried on site to designated persons under each lot and operating and maintenance manuals shall be provided in all three languages. For solar installations the supplier is expected to the follow the Guidelines on Rooftop Solar PV Installation for Solar Service Providers ( with regard to product standards, design and workmanship.

In this context the UNDP in Sri Lanka invites eligible suppliers to submit their quotations for below items.

Lot 1 - Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems for Cultivation Lands (Large, 1000 m3 day) – 2 units

Lot 2 - Grid Tied Solar Power system for Existing Small Scale Milk Chilling Centres (4kW) – 20 units

Lot 3 - Grid Tied Solar PV Systems for Framer Training Facilities (10 kW) – 4 units

Lot 4 - Solar powered moth repellent – 10 units

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UNDP may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for the submission of bids by amending the solicitation documents. In this case, all rights and obligations of UNDP and bidders subject to the previous deadline will thereafter be subject to the new deadline as extended.


Amendment : Technical Specifications of Lot 2 & 3 revised. Refer Annex 1.2 and 1.3 for more details (changes highlighted in yellow)
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