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Tech product videos showcasing the Economic Development platform
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Deadline :06-Sep-23 @ 08:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :31-Aug-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-LBY-00126,1
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Introduction :

Scope of  work

Product: Tech product videos showcasing the Economic Development platform

Topic: UNDP is seeking an experienced tech videographer to produce 2 tech product videos (demo-videos) showcasing the Local Economic Development Platform, launched under UNDP’s Local Peacebuilding and Resilience project

Deadline for deliverable: 15 September 2023


Libya’s economy remains fragile because of its dependence on oil and lack of economic diversification. Manufacturing value added processes and service-based economy as a proportion of GDP has seen its lowest ratio since 2013. Subsequently, employment in manufacturing in Libya has also been steadily declining over recent decades reaching only 9.1 percent in 2018. Up-to-date data on the size and scale of both the formal and informal Private Sector in Libya is lacking.

The dominant private sector industries, in terms of market prevalence, appear to be manufacturing, construction and real estate, as well as consumer goods wholesale, retail, food services, arts, entertainment and recreation, and small businesses providing other services. The growth of agriculture sector, especially in the South, in Libya has been challenged by underdeveloped value chains, disrupted irrigation and electricity cuts, as well as decline in the size of cultivated areas. Lastly, a significant share of micro, small and medium businesses many involve their businesses in commerce, primary import and redistribution which have been hit hard by the loss of civilian income and the decline in the value of Libyan Dinar and its volatility.  Key informal income-generating activities and micro enterprises tend to operate in the areas of transportation, goods delivery, catering, food preparation for ceremonies, as well as sewing and tailoring, crafts making, and a range of other subsistence forms of production and service delivery.

Data on business activities, employment, sectors across different municipalities is limited. UNDP is working with line ministries on launching the Economic Platform for Libya consolidating the collected data. The platform is a digital product with the dashboard, self-uploading mechanisms for stakeholders, tools for visualizations and analytics. The product video is intended to compliment the release of the Economic Platform to a broader audience and stakeholders.

Summary of deliverables:

1. Developing a video strategy that aligns with Economic Platform benefits, defining the audience and messages together with Communication Analyst and Economic Recovery Output Lead of UNDP.

·       Guide and advise on video content types and combination (animation, slides, screen share for the product), and identity.

·       Development of video content guidelines for the producer.

2. Creation of 2 videos – shortened and lengthy with the same content (2 minutes and 4 minutes) including editing video concept development, sourcing the needed footage with the Economic Platform Technology partner of UNDP, creating typographic and creative animations and assets to edit and deliver the launch.

3. Adapting video material 

·       Video content adaption including voice over, digital dialogues, promo and social media reel, maintaining a cohesive narrative, tone and style. 

·       Voice over options are both English and Libyan Arabic.

·       Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of video clips.

·       Input music, dialogues, graphics and effects into videos.

·       Create rough drafts and final cut.

·       Ensure logical sequencing and smooth flow of the end-product.


Example of the product video:

Example of the UNDP content video:

Example of the animated video:

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