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Kapuscinski Development Lecture
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Deadline :15-Sep-23 @ 06:17 AM (New York time)
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Reference Number :UNDP-IRH-00066
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Introduction : Scope of the Tender

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the European Commission (EC) are planning a joint advocacy project aimed at raising public awareness in the Member States of the European Union and beyond about development cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals – “Kapuscinski development lectures” (KAPTalks). 

KAPTalks is a series of high-profile events with top global thinkers, organised by the EC, UNDP and partner institutions. Since 2009, over 130 such lectures have been held. There’s more information on the website of the project Priority topics, within the overall focus on international development, our climate, environment and energy; digital transformation; food security; health; migration; governance, peace and security; gender equality; education and research, and youth. KAPTalks reimburses the costs of the event, including speaker costs.

Every lecture should be organised in a hybrid format – organised physically at the university venue with the webinar part for online participants. The lectures can be organised as part of other, broader activities (such as larger conferences) and use synergies between different events on interrelated topics. The selected hosting institutions can also operate in partnership with NGOs and think tanks. The hosting institution is encouraged to organise additional workshops and meetings with the speaker while they are in the country. The lecture can take the form of a keynote speech, interview/conversation with the expert, panel discussion or other. Interactivity is strongly encouraged. 

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