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Development and Dissemination of Knowledge Products emanating from the Project:
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Introduction :


This assignment is focused on collation and production of knowledge and policy think pieces / concepts aligned to the current policy development schedule of the Department. The intention is improve usability of existing knowledge from previous policy research in framing and summarizing key policy subject matters for contextually application of the generated knowledge. This is also part of fostering evidence-driven learning, collate and analysis of research products and evidence to strengthen and proactively harness evidence-based policy research analysis capacity for building institutional intelligence and evidence driven policy decision making by DALRRD. The objectives of this assignment are:

a)       To assist the DALRRD through its partnership with the UNDP and IFAD to create and produce an information repository, which will be a knowledge and a resource portal with collation of policy case studies, reports, discussion documents, policy and legislation advisory notes, think pieces and other documents to be developed as advised by the Department, 

b)      To assist the DALRRD through UNDP and IFAD to develop succinct knowledge or communication products such as policy articles, policy concepts, draft positions, policy options informed by public opinion, development tools, etc.

In collating and sharing information there will be a need to balance long-term policy vision with quick wins: the Department will be assisted in executing its given the policy development schedule the core quick and rapid policy development tasks where the collated evidence can be of assistance. These will include the current policy and legislative activities that the Department is executing and further contribute in creating an institutional knowledge-sharing environment through working groups & Task Teams.

 The ultimate goal of the project is to work towards developing a knowledge product that portrays the in-depth knowledge and insight on key  policy subject matters to influence the currently developed policies and legislation. In finalizing the knowledge product, caution should be exercised to guard against excessive codification of knowledge and putting it in a non-user-friendly format and lengthy reports. 

Justification and Scope of the Assignment


The assignment will be undertaken from October 2023 to March 2024 covering pre and post Project Document research products.  Research products are mainly about land and agrarian policy research and analysis.

 UNDP in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development have produced knowledge that covers but not limited to evidence-base policy research, Socio-economic Impact Assessments for legislation development, economic modelling for land size and efficiencies, agriculture-smallholder, foreignisation and financialisation of agriculture, agro-processing, agrarian reform, land ceilings, rural economic transformation, land governance, land tenure reform, land redistribution, recordal of land rights, land administration, expropriation of land without compensation, trade agreements, gender dynamics in land and agriculture, spatial planning, economics of

land, agricultural economics, policy analysis and legislation development. The type of existing knowledge products developed under these themes were analytical, statistical, exploratory, evaluation and sometimes with overlapping information or duplication.

 The scope of work will include:

 a)      Analysis, collation and compilation of knowledge products according to thematic areas and/or academic disciplines, as highlighted above.

b)      Analysis of how the generated knowledge has contributed to the holistic approach of policy formulation process and if the generated data has really contributed in realizing broader and long-term objectives of the department and UNDP.

c)      Assessment of the level of benefit in response to the intended results and/or outputs which are outlined in the Project Document.

d)      Conduct literature review to close the identified gaps in the existing research products.

e)      Decide on the layout of all the documents to be produced.

f)       Advise UNDP and DALRRD Knowledge Management and Communication Team on publishing knowledge products.

g)      Proof read and edit all the produced knowledge products.

h)      Prepare presentations for progress reporting as and when required.


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