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Supply Quarantine and Distribution of Livestock
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Deadline :22-Sep-23 @ 11:00 AM (New York time)
Published on :04-Sep-23 @ 12:00 AM (New York time)
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :UNDP-NGA-00307,1
Contact :Mark John -

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Introduction :

Scope of Work Distribution of Livestock to 500 beneficiaries in Monguno LGA, Borno State.

Review and validate the beneficiaries list provided by UNDP. The validation criteria are:

a.       Only one beneficiary per household should be selected.

b.       Most affected and disadvantaged Households (HHs) with acutely low level of household income and women headed HHs should be prioritized.

c.       Households with disabled members and female headed households should be prioritized.

d.       Households to which has been selected for other UNDP activity or other development partners in 2021 and 2022 should be excluded.

e.       Households currently receiving livelihood support from other development/humanitarian partners, or the government should be excluded.

f.        Women should make up 50%

2.       Procurement, quarantine, and distribution of livestock to qualified beneficiaries.

3.       Provide follow up support.



1.       Community engagement to support preparations for project implementation.

Conduct consultation meetings with community leaders (civil and traditional) to brief them about the scope of the assignment activities and familiarize with the locations.

Conduct the beneficiary validation exercise.

2.       Preparation of the beneficiaries to undertake community activities.

Prepare the livestock distribution plan for the beneficiaries.

Conduct a local feasibility study for livestock rearing in the community.

3.       Implementation of livestock distribution

Conduct a training on rearing the specific species of livestock procured as applicable to their locality to the beneficiaries.

Procurement and quarantine of livestock. A total number of 1,500 goats and sheep are to be quarantined (for at least 14 days), certified fit by a veterinarian for distribution into the local livestock population and conform to UNDP technical specifications in annex A of this TOR. Beneficiaries would also receive livestock feed with specification in annex and N10,000 naira each.

Distribution of livestock to the beneficiaries - UNDP to confirm quarantine status and quality of livestock before distribution.

Facilitate for the linkages with related Government agency and private sectors (e.g., livestock & agriculture line departments, local buyers/suppliers, if feasible and practical at the local level).

4.       Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

Monitor beneficiary’s use of the livestock and providing follow up and hand holding support to the beneficiaries on livestock rearing. The organization should put sufficient measures to track and record the activities of all beneficiaries. The monitoring methodologies to map up the beneficiaries, monitor use of kind/inputs for livestock and agriculture support and how to monitor each beneficiary should be proposed in the technical proposal.

Guidance and follow up for sustainability purpose.


Project Location




Number of beneficiaries





500 (50% women)


Allocation Per Beneficiary

Each grantee is to be given:

Three (3) goats (2 female goats and 1 male goat each) to 250 beneficiaries

Three (3) sheep (2 female sheep and 1 male sheep each) to 250 beneficiaries

Feed - 

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